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The WAC Lighting range offers high-quality decorative and workplace lighting from energy-efficient LED rail and rail lighting to recessed and display lighting. Downlights Conductor rail lighting Pendants Under-cabinet luminaires All lighting accessories Flush-mounted luminaires Wall luminaires Transformers Landscape lighting Cove lighting Exterior lighting Flush-mounted & wall brackets Picture lights. Newest tweets from WAC Lighting (@WAClighting). Responsible Lighting Track Lighting LED Decorative Lights. When you are looking for environmentally friendly lighting for your home or business premises, W.

A.C. Lighting is the right choice.

WorldAC Lighting Trenching Products

The WAC Lighting Group, a leader in the sustainable lighting sector, is known for its high-quality decor and workplace lighting. WAC Lighting can provide a solution for your lighting requirements, from energy-efficient lighting for rails and rails to built-in and screen lighting. The WAC Lighting range also includes pendant luminaires, wallwashers, cupboard lighting and spotlights.

LIGHTHING New York is an authorised WAC LIGHTHING retailer.

CWAC Lighting

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About the WAC Lighting Story

The WAC Lighting was established in 1984 by Tony and Tai Wang in Forest Hills, NY. WAC Lighting, based in Garden City, NY, will remain a privately held business with its subsidiary Shelley as President and Thomas as responsible for global distribution. We at WAC Lighting are leaders in the design and manufacture of durable and effective lighting.

At present they provide a broad palette of built-in lights, rail lights, displays and plastic glas tags, many of them with low tension and/or LED. With WAC Lighting you get LED's that look hot. They' ve adopted the technique so much that you'd think they'd created it themselves. The WAC rail lighting and built-in lights have LED's, as well as some WAC Lighting pendant lights.

When it comes to pendants, you can see WAC's second greatest love: artificial glas. You obtain the glasses from certain areas, as required by the projects: Murano from Italy, crunchy clear and clear German glasses and glasses with brilliant colours and creative organics from the Pacific Northwest.

While WAC Lighting did not invent them, they certainly took them further than anyone else. The WAC Lighting is the first enterprise to develop an OLED chandelier: the Sol candelabra. Founded in 2013 as a business unit of WAC Lighting, it focuses on advanced lighting with light emitting diodes (LEDs).

One of the most beloved WAC LEDs are the LEDme collection's range of variable spotlights, displays and other luminaires.

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