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The VyStar is the largest credit cooperative based in northeastern Florida. See VyStar President and CEO Brian Wolfburg on a video tour of the VyStar Tower and share some of Credit Union's exciting plans for the future. The new VyStar Chief Digital Officer is Joel Swanson. Find vacancies at VyStar Credit Union. Les opérations de sécurité de VyStar Credit Union.

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We care about the people in our fellowship, no matter what phase of their lives you are in, and we provide a variety of benefits for just about everyone. See VyStar President and CEO Brian Wolfburg on a VyStar Tower videotour and share some of Credit Union's thrilling visions for the years to come.

VyStar President and CEO Brian Wolfburg has released a brief introductory clip of the new Credit Union Head Office. Wolfburg will take members of the VyStar Board of Directors and the Senior Leadership Team on a guided walk through the VyStar Tower. Today it seems that almost everyone you are dealing with wants to take out your loan.

That is because, now more than ever, your credit score can be used by many organisations to determine the price scheme for certain utilities that you use and the purchases that you make, from requesting a credit cardholder to buying a home. In fact, many companies even review the creditworthiness of the applicant to see if they are suitable for the business.

With VyStar, we never lose sight of the fact that it's your cash.

New VyStar Credit Union appoints Chief Executive Officer

The VyStar Credit Union, a $6.9 billion corporation headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, today announces that its executive committee has elected Brian E. Wolfburg as its new chairman and mayor. He is succeeding Terry West, who went into retirement in August. Before joining vyStar, Wolfburg was CFO of the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union in Anchorage, Alaska.

Wolfburg has more than 20 years of sector specific knowledge in the areas of enterprise strategy, member support and business development. He also held senior positions at KeyBank in South Puget Sound, Washington, and HSBC Bank USA in Buffalo and New York. Mr. Buffalo graduated from the State University of New York in Buffalo with a B.S. in Business Administration and an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University.

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