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SSC Mortgage - Mobile Banking - Cash Flow Solutions. Wayne, NJ. NNB is sponsoring Kammerfrühstück | Andover Byram Stanhope NJ Coming from the l.h. Emily Wilson (Valley), Martha Paravati (Valley), Tom Mikolay (Valley), John Siberio (Valley), Tammie Horsfield, President, Sussex County Chamber of Commerce, Steven Vitale (Valley), Margaret Kranz (Valley), Ellen Scardena (Valley) and Richard Kamber (Valley).

The Sussex County Chamber of Commerce Business to Business Breakfast am Dienstag, 10. novembre im Lafayette House.

Sussex County Chamber of Commerce has 600 members who work passionately to help large and small companies to become a part of the world. The Chamber's business-to-business breakfast, with over 230 members of the industry taking part, is a month-long network bringing together members of the industry to discuss issues of mutual interest.

Valley National Bank's Commercial Lending Team Leader Steven Vitale was the main guest at the meeting and gave a talk on best practice for small companies to build a sound and prolific relation with their banks. A very well accepted by the public, the speech provided invaluable insights into the efficiency of relational finance for both the company and the creditor.

City National Bancorp is a local banking group with headquarters in Wayne, New Jersey and over $19 billion in net worth. Valley National has 213 branches in 24 districts in the north and center of New Jersey, in New York's Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island districts, and in southeastern and downtown Florida.

One of the biggest business bank based in New Jersey, Valley National Bank is dedicated to offering the most comfortable services, the latest in innovative products and an expert and skilled personnel with high priorities on a 24/7 basis.

To learn more about Valley National Bank and its banking and banking solutions and service, please go to or call our 24/7 Customer Service Center at 800-522-4100.

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