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Racetrack Vista Ridge Shopping Mall

Lewisville Music City Mall. We' re looking at more than a shopping mall. The Music City Mall, formerly Vista Ridge Mall, is a shopping center in Lewisville, Texas, USA, operated by ICA-Investment Cooperation of America.

Ridge Mall in Lewisville for 17.3 million dollars, renamed'Music City Mall'.

Lewisville Vista Ridge Mall has a new proprietor and a new name: Lewisville City Mall. The ICA Properties, an Odessa-based property managment firm, bought the Flundering, 1. 05 million sq ft Vista Ridge Mall for $17. 3 million through an on-line Auction in September. It is ICA plans to lure renters and buyers to the shopping centre with livestream.

In the early 2000s the first Odessa City Mall was opened. John Bushman, the company's chief executive officer, says he can revitalise the Lewisville Mall as well as the one in Odessa, initially known as Permian Mall, by adding day-to-day bookings of real life entertainment. Lewisville has had its first audition for Saturday's event for regional performers.

It was Lewisville's biggest mall when Vista Ridge opened in 89, but in recent years the mall has had trouble keeping its gates open. Currently, the mall has 130 shops and four anchoring tenants: Lewisville Mall will have an 800 pound grand sculpture with the Ten Commandments upstairs.

James Kunke, Lewisville's corporate relationships and tourist board member, says Vista Ridge was in sequestration for about a year until ICA tabled out the highest offer and completed the buy. By the time ICA Vista bought Ridge, 72% of the shopping center was rented. Morton says that since the acquisition of the mall, capacity utilization has already increased to around 75 per cent.

It says ICA first learnt that Vista Ridge was sold at auction by Ten-X, an on-line housing market. Intercity Committee officials came to Vista Ridge to take a first look at the building and photograph it. A similar statue appears on all ICA sites, including the Odessa Shopping Centre and several Texas, Colorado and New Mexico owned and operated residences.

Lewisville Mall will have an 800-pound garnet sculpture with the Ten Commandments on the first level and a second one with the Bushmen's two favourite statues on the second level.

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