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VISIONTA IS OUR SLIM, LINEAR LED MARKER LIGHT. We manufacture and distribute low voltage luminaires for all industries. Find out more about our customer-specific and standard lighting solutions. Versatile low-voltage and accent luminaire made of die-cast aluminium for stability and reliability. The Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting offers a wide range of professional landscape lights.

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As a continuation of the Jands' award-winning technology we introduce the brand new Vista 3 and two new user interfaces. Unlock your creative potential with the performance of Vista 3. Vista 3 continues to amaze with its iconic time line, graphical user experience, performance and usability, and is designed to drastically improve the functionality while adding a number of important new functions, such as intelligent FX-Master, the possibility to combine several show files, a new color rendering motor, enhanced device visualizations and a greatly enhanced instruction line user experience.

Vista 3 not only runs on the new user interfaces, but is also compatible with most Vista operating system platforms - see our FAQ page for more information. Once again, Vista is reaching the limits of what is possible with optical controls. Significantly enhanced fixture controls with ball-shaped or irregular array.

Can mix up to 11 colors that are common in today's lighting fittings. Dramatically increases your coding speeds and accuracies while offering an immediately trusted user experience for newcomers to the Vista-era. This is a playful way to create lighting events in real time show settings.

The FX Masters demonstrates the benefits and performance of Vista's generous fixes.

Ivist Lighting

Pressure die-cast, copper-free aluminium enclosure is suitable for the most robust use. Fold-away cover opens effortlessly and is attached to the case with a silicon O-ring..... Ryton? R4 is a fibre-enforced, moulded enclosure for the most robust industrial use. Fully rotating jacket is equipped with double silicon O-ring seals to keep the.....

Form-pressed, fiber-reinforced compound housings are suitable for the most robust uses. Spray-moulded, glass-fibre enforced Ryton R4 Composites Direct Skirt Guide..... Luminaire body is equipped with a silicon O-ring sealing to provide a weatherproof sealing. See all lighting (57782).

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