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New York State, including fun activities, year-round events and festivals, world-class hotels and award-winning restaurants. Are you planning on visiting New York City soon? When you visit New York, there's a reason why you'll see so many people! is big, brilliant and busy, so get ready. Discover the best of New York!

What you need to know before your visit to New York City

that New York can be an awkward place. Though New Yorkers have a good name for being the cold "I'm-walking-here" type, we are generally a rather friendly group of folks. When someone says "downtown" in New York, they don't mean the business town. New York (especially Manhattan), the term for" downtown" means "to the south" or one of the neighbourhoods below Fourteen.

So if someone says, "I am living in the city centre", it means that he lives in one of these neighbourhoods. However, when we were stood on 78th and I said, "I'm going downtown," I could think I was going somewhere between the 78th and Bowling Green, at the southern tip of the city.

"Midtown " means the central part of Manhattan, between downtown Manhattan Square and downtown 59, which is also the liveliest and most office-filled part of the town. And" uptown" means" North" or one of the quarters in Manhattan above the 59th Street. This means "I take a taxi into town" (if you are driving somewhere just North from where you are) and "I am living in town" (if you are living on e.g. 98th Street).

In order to make things even more difficult, there is also a district in Brooklyn known as Downtown Brooklyn, which is in keeping with the tradition of the term that it has a great deal to do and that there are many high-rise structures there. The New York City sidewalk has unscriptured rules of transportation. When someone was already stood at a road edge - or a little further down the road, in sight - and waited for a taxi, he got the first reservation.

They get very angry when that happens, so make sure you inspect your area before you flag down the first taxi you see. If it' s about Uber, Juno, Lyft, Via and the like, the most important thing is that you have the right vehicle, especially if you come from a congested theatre or auditorium: there will be a hundred drivers who want to ride at the same moment, and the vehicles will most likely be Toyota Camrys or Honda drivers in the dark with a number plates starting with the T on them.

NYC is one of the most popular cities in the world. Because it' s costly to own a vehicle in the capital, it' s hard to park and the transport is hell, most NYC citizens get around by subs. Get those guys off the bandwagon before you get on the plane. Try to take up as little room as possible - especially when the platoon is overcrowded.

When you sit down, not "manspread", and when you stand, don't rest your whole torso against the single bar - many folks try to hang on to it. Do not make any kind of visual communication with other persons in your towing vehicle. Don't suppose that an empty wagon in an otherwise full turn means your luck.

What about that old thing with the New Yorkers who wear the whole thing sober? They will think you're mad when you say hello on the streets - even if you're the only two on the streets. When you tell someone that you like your boots, you usually get a big grin, and most folks are glad to help with it.

" PeopIe are generally conditioned to disregard everyone, so don't be disheartened if some folks go right by with their earphones - someone is finally going to stop to help out. There' s so much good stuff in this town! You' re going to be spending that valuable amount of your valuable working day sitting somewhere else. It'?s not just Manhattan!

There are four other districts that are part of the town. And, with the notable addition of Staten Island, which can only be accessed by boat from Manhattan - also a very nice and inexpensive way to see the harbour and the Statue of Liberty - you can take the underground between them all.

It is a poster-laden landscape of hell that has little to do with the remainder of the town. As it seems, everything else in the town can be overcrowded. If you see a large, blockbuster-y exhibit, try not to just standing in front of the work of art - back off a little so that some folks can take it in at the same moment.

If you use an image as a background for an instagram (no disgrace in it), try to do it without disturbing a lot of folks who try to see it through their sockets. Well-known celebrities have a tendency to get under the radar in New York unless they attend a film première, show or other events with cameramen.

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