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Schedule your trip with free routes, guided tours, activities and maps. Build your own personal travel guide with all the information about all the attractions, shopping and more. It has a bad reputation for crime and unfriendly people. Was Washing D.C.

, Atlantic City, Philadelphia or Niagara Falls. When you plan to stay in NYC for a week, why not visit one of these places?

4-Day New York Itinerary in New York City

NYC, a city in transition, cannot be "seen" in one visit. Five years, I'd like to give you my proposed four-day New York route for your next visit here: Although the queue for the Battery Park ferries is long, most of it can be avoided if you arrive early.

The Statue of Liberty is stunning to see up-close ('it's as big as you can imagine), but the true attraction of this combination is Ellis Island, where you can find out about the experiences of the immigrants and get an impression of the folks who were involved in the construction of NYC (my family's name is even written on the wall!).

Called Batterypark for the old battery (cannons) that defends the city, stop here for local musicians and road artists, observing humans, relax, and all other activity related to the parks. Or you can discover the remains of the old fortress that guarded New York City. but I still enjoy running through here.

Photograph the famed Taurus, then go to Wall St and see where all these financiers wrecked the world. The NYSE (NYSE) is one of the most visited museum in the city. The Federal Hall, constructed in 1700, is where George Washington took his official vow (you can see the Bible on which he was sworn!), was the first US Capitoline and was the site of the US Customs House in the lat 1700'.

It is small and does not take long. The Museum of American Finance is located near the NYSE and Federal Hall. Located in a historical Wall St. bench house (of course!), it has standing exhibitions on the finance market, finance, banking, business and Alexander Hamilton (the founding father of the US finance system).

When you want to know what is happening on Wall Street, this is a great starting point. Freedom Towers, recently opened, offer you a panorama of the city and a great deal of information about the September 11 atrocities. There is a memorial garden at the foot of the lighthouse and an expansive museory.

There are movable artefacts on the importance of September 11, 2001. Against surcharge ( (in addition to the admission fee) we offer a tour. Near the Town Hall (see next entrance), Brooklyn Bridge is a 25-minute stroll to Brooklyn and the Harbour-Plain.

A stop for photography and a meander along the path makes the stroll about 40 mins. long. On the way there (and especially from the park) you have a marvellous view of the city centre. I' m enjoying this stroll at sunset when Manhattan' s city centre is illuminated.

The New York City Hall is a great example of historical architectural design and has a wonderful little garden full of offices over dinner (and a round table on the town' s history). For more information about the historical, artistic and architectural aspects of the museum, take part in one of the guided visits. In this way you can visit the listed roundabout, the town hall, the governor's hall and the portrait collection of the town hall.

Guided visits reserved in advance are usually available for groups (10-20 persons) on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:30 am and for single persons on Thursdays at 10:00 am. Guided visits are also available on Wednesday at 12.00 noon according to the motto "first come, first served". Once you're done with lower Manhattan, fly to this historical New York City emblem. During the 1930' s the interior of our gallery is wonderful and the views from above are stunning.

You' ll get a true sense of how crowded New York is when you look at the city. The Grand Central Terminal is the city' s old railway terminal. Free guided visits are available on Wednesday. There is also an astonishing restaurant in the lower floor, the Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant.

For extravagant (and expensive) drinks, visit the Campbell Apartments and go back to the 1920s (dress codes enforced). It was once the offices of John W. Campbell, a member of the New York Central Railroad and Finanztycoon executive committee from the 1920s. Walk through the Rockefeller Center to see where they shoot The Today Show, go shopping, eat and take the lift to the Top of the Rock to see the city from a bird's perspective (which I myself think is better than the Empire State House, because from up here you can also see the edifice in your photo!

With over 150 squares in the grounds, it's simple to wander around for hour.

Shakespeare often offers free shows and theatre performances during the summers (early registration is required for Shakespeare in the park). There are several outstanding musees in or on the edge of Central Park: Méthé is one of the largest musees in the wide open, and if you only see one in New York, I suggest this one.

The Night at the Museemovies have made this unique building even more well known. They are interesting and detailled and I would not try to hasten you. One really has to really fall in love with Flemish artist to be able to spend quality free laps ( "I do"), but one should definitely visit their website, as they do many beautiful exhibitions of their work.

It houses a prestigious and diverse selection of impressionistic, post-impressionist, early-western, and contemporaneous work. Conceived by Frank Lloyd Wright, the cylinder shaped exhibition is one of the most important architectonic projects of the twentieth cent. It is one of my favourite houses (and museums) in the city. One can' go to New York City, the theatre capitol of the whole wide globe, without seeing a show.

Reduced theatre passes for shows on that date are available at our local office (Times Square, South Street Seaport and Downtown Brooklyn). They even decided that the country on the other side of the stream would be left unexplored forever, so the views would not be affected! It' one of the best things to do in town.

Every fortnight there are free guided visits explaining the story of the Musée and the works and objects on display. A $25 contribution is proposed to get in (including admission to the Metropolitan Musuem of Art). What is scoop on a wallpaper like? While I don't like contemporary arts, this is Van Gogh's Starry Night as well as other post-impressionist work.

Fridays after 4pm the school is free (and I like to see Van Gogh for free)! High Line is a reconstructed railway line, which today is an municipal hiking area. Surrounded by viewpoints, parks, open-air arts, eating stands and greens, this is one of the best activities in the city, especially on a beautiful outing.

Walking, sitting with a textbook, watching folks - the High Line is a must and a real favourite among the natives. In the Meatpacking District is the new Whitney House of the Whitney Museem of America Arts (a joint venture with the Met). However, I would suggest going inside as there is a beautiful exhibition of US artwork.

Explore former rental flats on the Lower East Side in this intriguing market. They can only visit this site on the basis of a tour and must be reserved in advanced. There is much more to New York that I could never enumerate it all in a diary position, but below are any different additive act that are couturier to be thought of:

Go for a walk - NYC is home to a dozen hiking businesses (many FREE) that provide touring in all genres. You can be sure to take one of the many, many walks the city has to provide to get a one-of-a-kind and cultured view of the city that never sleps with a native guidebay.

Whenever my mates come to see me, I take them to at least one. Favourite NYC walks are listed here. Brooklyn Park - Leave Manhattan and discover Brooklyn's Central Park and the Brooklyn Museum in the immediate vicinity. - TV shows such as Saturday Night Live, The View, Live Night with Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight and Jimmy Fallon's Live Night with Jimmy Fallon are offering free taping passes (although they must be booked well in advance).

The city is a big place with a big deal to do and this checklist hardly ever scratch the top. It takes hardly four working day to intensify these activites, let alone to find enough free space to visit districts like Queens and Brooklyn. However, if you are under pressure of pressure, these hints will give you four exciting and enjoyable nights in a city that never gets any sleep.

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