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Village Vanguard Jazz Club Greenwich Village New York City. Guidebook to the neighborhood and property market of the West Village. Colonial brownstones, towering trees and stylish inhabitants sometimes make the West Village feel like a real New York film set. Inexpensive hotels in West Village New York: The quirky West Village of Manhattan with its cobbled streets and historic houses used to be.

10 top meeting places in New York's Greenwich Village | Travel

They can' t go to Greenwich Village without read (or re-read) a Dawn Powell novel. Situated in the northwest of the village, it seemed isolated before the Meatpacking District became a glittering centre for parties, yet this place usually stays an haven of peace. When you' re a jazzfan, you probably already know why the Village Vanguard is something unique; the Vanguard has been important for eight centuries, always harboring the hottest representatives of it all.

This is a simple encyclopedia of the top artists of the world. When you don't have an album with the subtitle, LIVE at the VILLAGE VANGUARD, you don't really have a recording album. The band offers seven evenings a week full of music. Small's follows the footsteps of the Harlem night club of the 1920', but is firmly in the spirit of a Greenwich Village jazzy club.

Julius' A neighborhood pub, unpretentiously and kindly, who has lived the last four years of her long career as a homosexual pub. Until well into the latter part of the twentieth centuries, this area of Bleecker was fringed with small Italien marketplaces and market wagons. Today, in as well as selling pig meat and salami meatstuffs, home-made cold meats and filled brazioles at the butcher's and food specialties from Italy, Faicco also offers ready meals.

You can order a coffee with sandwiches, take a full cup of Manhattan Special Espresso from the refrigerator and take a picknick with the doves at Father Demo Square near by. Rocco's everyday prepared Italien icecream is one of the best, and one cannot call oneself a villager until one has crowned a dinner with a creamy icecream to refresh an afternoon walk.

Perhaps the most inviting place in the city, it serves delicious food and a hearty welcome. That room began its dining days as Polly's Greenwich Village Inn in 1915, later Bertolotti's mother, and was eventually converted into Volare in the 1970'. Pizza, heated from the coal-fired stove, are Top and the d├ęcor is classical Village-eclectic, with demolished wood cabins, a bath in the toilet and crazy murals on the partitions.

Those who are sensitive to tin filled tunes will usually find a jazzy duet crouched around the pianoforte during meal.

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