Village Mall


DISPLAY - DINE - PLAY - SAVE - VISIT - CONTACT - LEASE - MALL MAP - Check Out What's Happening! The Voice of Village Mall at. The Village Mall is a closed, dead shopping mall in Danville, Illinois.


The Village Mall residents Association is a group of home owners and occupants who oversee the running, administration and operations of our condominiums. Established in 1995, our vision is to guarantee the dignity and equitable administration of Village Mall and to increase our living standards and the value of our properties.

Neither we are the board of directors nor are we affiliated with the facility manager. We' re an independant group that serves as "Your ears, your voice and eyes" of Village Mall Condominiums. and important contacts. Copyrights © 2017 Herb DeCordova. Disclaimer: All rights reserved. and are the sole ownership of Herb DeCordova.

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