Viking Museum new York

The Viking Museum New York

Discover the rich, often misunderstood Viking culture on a tour of the largest collection of Viking artifacts ever exhibited in North America. VIKINGS EXPO - NOW OPEN THROUGH SEPTEMBER 5 New York is home to the biggest Viking artefact library ever to be seen in North America. Discover the wealthy, often misconstrued Viking civilization like never before with the greatest Viking artefact collections ever exhibited in North America. With more than 500 gems, some of which have never been seen outside Scandinavia, THE VIKINGS exposition shows us why - even 1000 years later - the Viking civilization still inspires our fantasy.

See full-size Viking vessels, such as the Gokstad II and Ghost Vessels. Unearth a Viking boat shift by shift and discover wealthy finds such as arms, implements and wildlife, as archaeologists did. The Vikings' everyday lives can be experienced with a series of interactivity that explores the symbols of folk dress, competes with other Vikings in real Viking matches and tests your skills with an exact Viking-saber.

IF YOU WANT TO BUY AND ATTEND A VIP-TICKET WITHOUT BOOKING A DATE AND A CLOCK, CLICK HERE. From sunday to thursday 9:00 - 20:00Friday - saturday 9:00 - 21:00Final admission 45 min before closure. Admission to the show takes place within a 30-minute period from the date indicated on the tickets.

When you add a ticket to your basket on the right side, you will be asked to choose your entry age. In case you do not show up during your planned admission period, we will try to find accommodation for you at the next appointment with available space. As soon as you enter the show, you can stay in the house for as long as you wish, but visitors are asked to leave the show at the times indicated.

Adults over 18 years of age have to accompany all kids under 12 years into the show. All parcels may be viewed by the museum.

"Vikings Exhibition" | Activities in New York Kids

A journey back in history to the Viking Age from the eighth to the eleventh century in this historic exhibit. With more than 500 artefacts - many never seen before outside Scandinavia - it plunges the visitor into the Viking civilization and enables them to experience more about Viking families and communities, religions and ceremonies, travelling and commerce, artisanship and bondage and the role of mothers.

When you see artefacts such as Viking hats, forged Brooches, golden and sterling iron charms, the oldest known Nordic cross and blades, you will get a wider insight into Nordic handicrafts and Viking legend. Highpoints of the exposition are the Gokstad II, a reproduction of a Nordic Viking ship and animated adventures like the digging of a digital tomb and a Nordic boardgame.

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