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As soon as a venue is on your shortlist, plan a tasting! West County New York Bar & Bat Mitzvah venue. JAZSTOFF presents a concert series in the Senate Garage in Kingston, NY. Photographs courtesy of the venue. Personal event facilities, catering, entertainment.

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Looking for a location near Westchester County NY? Marvellous food, thoughtful services and stunning vistas make us one of the most stunning venues in the Westchester NY / Hudson Valley area. We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor events, from drinks and starters to complete lunches and evenings.

We work with you to make a great celebration that you and your customers will never be forgotten. We take care of all the little things - meals, food, music, cathedrals, photographs, favors and more! And, because we only have one celebration at a stretch, you can be sure you'll have our full concentration on your show.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a non-binding date to talk about the specifics of your next big event.

The Grand Roosevelt Ballroom

On the revitalised Yonkers water front, the Grand Roosevelt Ballroom has housed governors, policy makers and kings. Both Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt, were featured at various shows here during Yonkers and Westchester tours that inspire the artfully crafted ornamentation and reverberating two-storey room. Named Roosevelt Ballroom, in honour of the president's lineup, the venue featured performances of the day's protagonists (and actresses) such as Clara Bow and Helen Hayes.

Ballroom was also home to many renowned artists and bands. Today the Grand Roosevelt Ballroom is one of the biggest events and caterers in Westchester. The Grand Roosevelt Ballroom is the perfect venue for any kind of events as it is located in Manhattan or Connecticut and has a crew of Cordon Bleu cooks.

Yonkers New York's New York City' most famous monument is the Gran Roosevelt Balloon. This large Beaux Arts styled construction was conceived by G. Howard Chamberlain and constructed in 1904. The huge 30-foot high ceiling hall with its large golden foliage was an integral part of the Yonkers community for years and hosted all kinds of gatherings, celebrations and theatre performances.

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