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In a city with as many tourist attractions as Venice, it's hard to know where to start. Explore the best sights in Venice, including the Basilica of San Marco, the Gallery dell'Accademia and the Palazzo Ducale. St. Mark's Basilica and Doge's Palace Tour in Venice. Venice's best sights are the romantic Canal Grande, the Doge's Palace and the Rialto Bridge.

Take a look at these sights of Venice.

In Venice, the best you can do

Being in Venice for a week-end will undoubtedly bring you to the heart of the city. The city of Venice is inundated with enchanted music groups that saw at Vivaldi. Tip: To capture an operatic, you must make a booking a few month in advance. Tip: Next to it, Teatrino Grassi expands the Palazzo Grassi activity on stages with a program of lectures, movies, shows and children's workshop, all free of charge.

It may be expensive, but a cable car trip is part of the Venice fun. Insider tip: A cable car trip in the large Tragehetto cable cars, which traverse the Canal Grande at strategically important points - for example between the Hotel Gritti and the Salutekirche - costs only 2 euros.

Venice's Dogen (dukes) were chosen from among their noble contemporaries, after which their whole lifes belonged to the state. There are also excellent portraits of genres from the daily routine of the Venetians in the eighteenth cent. Palazzo Grimani is one of the great Renaissance palaces of the town.

Venice?s blossoming school ( "Scuole") were partly a guild and partly a non-profit foundation. Insider tip: Carpaccio was a great artist in trapping Venice lights, and he also drew from the world. Don't go without seeing The Calling of St Matthew: It takes place in the Venice ghetto, just like around 1505. This Gothic barnyard in the Santi Giovanni e Paolo parish was erected in the 13th and 15th century for the Order of the Dominicans.

Lorenzo Lotto's St. Anthony Giving Alms is an outstanding painting: take a look at the lush carpet of Turkey and the typical Venice streets. Surrounded by the palaces of the Venice royal class - many of them today are either hotel or expensive bridal establishments - the water-rich highway of the lake town is one of the high points of every vist.

Half way along the Canal Grande is the Rialto viaduct from the sixteenth cent. Extravagant Gothic in the Grand Canal Palace Ca' d'Oro from the fifteenth cent. distilled the heart of Venice. Secret tip: Universal known as Ca' d'Oro (Golden House), the actual name of this edifice is the Santa Sofia Palace. Everyone knows Madonna dell'Orto as'the Tintoretto Church', not only because the sixteenth c. majestro is dead here, but also because this Gothic cathedral has some of his most important paintings.

Secret tip: Far away from the crowds of tourists, the area around the temple is one of the most beautiful areas of Venice. Watch the turban man's turban reliefs with a turban on the opposite side of the turban - a testament to Venice's trade relations with the Arabian state. Inside tip: If you want to see four or more of the 18 Venice churchs that are part of the Chorus programme (like these), you should purchase a Chorus Pass worth ?12 (£10), which is available online or locally.

Luxurious and completely unusual clothes, once wore by Venice noblemen, are exhibited amidst noble interior decoration and decor. There are also a number of rooms devoted to the historical and scientific aspects of Venice spice and fragrance. Although the Penumbral-Gothic parish of the Franciscans I. Frari Order is not extravagant in terms of extravagance, the works of art inside are truly magnificent.

Secret tip: Peggy placed Marino Marini's Bronzeskulptur Der Engel der Stadt opposite the Canal Grande. Secret tip: Palazzo Grassi is also located in a building that, like Punta Dogana, has been excellently renovated by the famous Italian artist Tadao Ando. Inside tip: Please be aware that occasional shows devoted to other artist have started to occupy the room and stop the bike, so ask for information before you see the pictures dancing.

For Venice, the Gallerie dell'Accademia is what the Uffizi Gallery is for Florence: a great collection of the best arts in the town.

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