Venice Florida Attractions

City of Venice Florida Attractions

Sharky's on the Pier gives all other restaurants on the water a run for their money for the epitome of Floridian food. Genuine'Old Florida' sleeping in style. Venice's historic city centre, shops and restaurants in Florida. Wall-paintings are another way to enjoy Venice and its historical charm. Venetia Florida is a great place to live and visit because of its nearby attractions.

Things to do in Venice Florida FL

Located on Florida's Gulf Coast just to the South of Sarasota, Venice has 14 leagues of beach from Casey Key to Manasota Key and many leisure activities ranging from bathing, tanning, fishing as well as boat trips. Shells are also a popular diversion in Venice, and petrified sharks' teeths can be found in profusion in the sandy areas.

Golf players will find great golfing venice. Venice is also a Florida Main Street town centre with northeastern Italy architectural style and beautiful streets that go back to the 1925 town maps and are a reminder of the Venice name.

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Venice, Florida, one of the two "happiest coastal cities in America", will no doubt make you smile. Sharky gives all other water-side restaurateurs a run for their bucks for the embodiment of Florida food. Situated on the shore with a breathtaking gulf and an incredibly long jetty, it is a unique place where you can dine, talk, drink, observe fisherman and go swimming during the same time.

Discover another side of Venice with a river boat trip along the Myakka River. The Caspersen Beach offers you plenty of opportunity to discover your treasures. There are many shops along the major streets of Venice that offer sharkscreen to give you this additional advantage. Find out more about this modest yet historical city in the Museum & Archive of Venice.

Fossiles, artefacts and images tell the story of Venice. The Dockside Waterfront Grill on the Intercoastal in Venice offers a wide range of tasty sea food. The Venice Jettys. This jetty is a basic foodstuff in Venice; full of windsurfing, fish, lazing, climb, watching the sun set and dolphins, it is different from anywhere else in the best possible way.

Venice Mercato opens its gates one week-end a mont. From carpets to desks and clothes, this antique European-style store travels every single week looking for and washing delicacies, just like your old lady did. There' s a small secret jewel of a Venice coast that no car, bicycles, floating boards or even legs can be.

South Venice Beach requires you to dare to cross the sea, and Venice Ferry is the perfect way to get there. The Intercoastal is just an additional extra feature. When you have your own options for your own cruise, take a cruise near Alligator Creek to look for snooks, egrets, mullets and shrimps.

It' Venice. I' m fairly sure the shore would be a shame if you didn't. Stroll along the tide, look down and look for the sharp blacks of a pre-historic era to summarize a trip to Venice. 5,000 E. Venice Ave.

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