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The Ohio River Valley appellation features award-winning table wines and dessert wines from our vineyards throughout the country. Find out more about the amazing history of our winery while you enjoy the wide view of the vineyard and the valley. The Niobrara Valley Vineyards is located in the northern sand hills near Nenzel, NE. The Briar Valley Vineyard & Winery is located in historic Bedford, Pennsylvania, at the foot of the Allegheny Mountains. Come to our winery in the Poconos to enjoy exceptional wines, we organize tastings, private tours, special events and parties.

Family Schuchter in possession

The Ohio River Valley appellation features award-winning nationwide tables and desserts from our vineyards. The Schuchter familie has been producing a large selection of noble wine since 1970 and today also traditional beer. As you' re here on-line, keep up to date with the latest messages and happenings, find useful information, check out our sampling tips and discover our expanding range of Ohio wine qualities through our on-line shop, making it easy to buy locally.

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The hostel is closing on Independence Day (4 July), Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Wine and beer tasting and sale 13-18 h, by post: Any other information you provide is an option and will help us to better service you. We are sorry, but we cannot accept bookings by e-mail. Video from WCMH-TV,, View us on YouTube!

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10 May, 17 May, 24 May, 14 June, 21 June, 28 June, 5 July, 12 July, 19 July, 26 July, 2 August, 9 August, 23 August, 6 September, 13 September, 20 September. Included in this night is a 3 mile long river raft ride on the picturesque Little Miami River in a paddle or canoak, followed by our characteristic steak or salmon cookout and real life musical!

Remark: This is a rainy or sunshine party, dinners and musicals go on and a 3-mile journey will be given a rainy gift certificate. Morgan's has the right to use a raft at its own option if the raft is a little too high for kayaking or canoeing. It is a restricted edition, there are NO refund or kayak coupons for any shows.

Buses take us to the starting point, we go by boat and then back to the VV for dinners, beverages and more! F: Can we use our own kayak or canoeing? One: Due to the character of this adventure we only use canoeing, no personal boat is allowed. F: How is the flow on our journey?

and the Little Miami is a simple Grade 1 flow. There will be a 5-minute course to refresh the boat on the spot. F: How far is the swimmer, how long does it take? and finishes at our exit just outside the Morrow Bridge on our 3-mile tour.

F: What can I look forward to on the boat? Ohio's first scenic stream is the Little Miami stream. Comfortable boots that can get soggy are best on the water, according to temperature, loose clothing and a lightweight coat. This is a rainy or sunshine outing, dinners and musical entertainment continue and a rainy cheque is made out for a 3-mile-journey.

There will be no stopping us from having a little bit of drizzly or drizzly. Morgan's has the right to use a raft at its own option if the raft is a little too high for canoeing. There are *no* reimbursements or kayak coupons for any shows. F: Can we have an alcoholic beverage on the coach or rivers?

Are no radiators or liquor allowed in the city. It is recommended to keep your drink for the time after the canoeing. There is no reservation required, so come in and listen to free of charge to " Its Just Wine, Beer and Music " on Thursdays. Savour a rich and varied side of meat with fruits, Roastbeef au Juice and everything that goes with it, with 4 beverages or a vint.

On a friday night, enjoying livemusic! Accompany us the whole Saturday with livemusic! Indulge in this festival with tastings of wines and beers, all days in the bottles or in the beers. Indulge in all types of food from your own farms and manufacturers!

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