Valley Metro

Vale metro

The Valley Metro operates routes in the following communities:. Virginia Roanoke Notification of changes in the service: Friday, August 31, 2018 - Starting September 20, 2018, the Smart Way Bus will cease operating at the VTCRI and resume bi-directional operation on Wells Avenue. Ground-Hungary & GREENLAND AVE DETOUR: Greenland Ave & Ground-Hungary junction will be shut down for street works from Saturday 9.9.17 until completion of the work.

The 15 trail leads via Greenhurst to Oakland and on to Greenland. From Greenland to Oakland, to Greenhurst on Greenhurst Street, it continues on the normal itinerary. Passengers are requested to get to the bus stop 10 and Greenland or the crossing of Oakland and Greenland to take either the 15 or 16 public coaches.

Rout 11/12 will follow the regular R10th Street from Madison to Rugby. 85/86 won't be serving Eleventh Street anymore. The 85/86 will now take Staunton Ave to Orange Ave on Orange Ave on 10th Street, as the light on Eleventh and Orange has been removed.

From 3 January 2017, the 55/56 stop on Franklin RdW will no longer be served. Because of the detours via Tanglewood Mall Route 51/52 and 55/56, please be aware of the delay. After completion of the work on the bridges, the normal route will be resumed.

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