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Let yourself be inspired by these breathtaking Tallogos and start your own project for the design of the Tallogo today! Valley Services is a national company that is a leader in Contract Food Service Management. The Valley Services, Inc. Valley Services is a nationwide leader in the field of contractual foods services as well as in the field of logistics. We have a highly skilled staff of exceptional specialists offering cutting edge dining experience designed for each client and the community we cater to.

Focusing on epicurean innovations and impeccable services, Valley is dedicated to making a real impact on people's daily lives. Every single time.

It is our dedication to eating and our love of human beings that provides the setting for unforgettable eating experience in the 1.4 million mealtimes we offer each and every day. Valley's vision of "100% Customer Satisfaction by Serving with PRIDE (People Responding In Delivered Excellence)" radiates within our Valley staff to deliver innovative thinking.

From its inception in 1960, Valley Vision has promoted broad partnership that reflects a personally responsible way of doing things. Click here for a detailed description of Valley's latest developments. For more information. The Kick Hunger Challenge. The Valley took part in the Kick Hunger Challenge to join the struggle against starvation in the community in which we reside and to conduct food activities.

The Valley staff worked to alleviate starvation by giving volunteers enough free times, meals and funds to support either grocery stores or hunger-related organisations. Some of the effects the Valley staff had were 500 lbs of groceries given to support locally run grocery stores, serving in communities that provide shelter for the houseless, feeding kids with rucksacks of groceries for the weekends, and feeding the elderly.

The Grand Valley Logo

The Identity - Grand Valley State University

This page provides information on the uniform use of the Grand Valley logo." Not unless it is intended for use on an authorized campus site (see current authorized CSR accounts). An individual can use photos that present the campus in a favorable perspective. The logo or signatures of the Grand Valley consist of the "Circle G" (Logomark) and the words "Grand Valley State University" (Logotype).

Circle G" logo mark may only be used alone if the entire logo (logo mark and logotype), as mentioned above, is used elsewhere on the part. You may not alter the logo mark or use it as part of any logo or designs. Do not use the logo type without the logo mark.

Logo may appear only as part of the overall logo. Do not use the Grand Valley State University logo in any way in a line of text. Do not try to replicate the logo in any other fonts. You can use the single-line Grand Valley logo verison (logo brand and logotype) if the marker left or marker top verions of the Grand Valley logo do not work in one theme or the room is otherwise restricted (e.g. on fountain pen, etc.).

For the one-line logo, the same terms of use as for the marketop or marketleft logo as described on this page shall be applied. Colour is a very important factor in the memory and identification of the campus mark. It is therefore important to compare the Grand Valley's colours as close as possible to the colours on the web or in printing.

One of the following must be the logo: Do not invert the logo to a colour other than pure colour. If you use coloured papers, make the PMS 301 logo appear dark brown, dark brown or red. The Grand Valley State University should be clearly and distinctly placed on the front of each communication item. You can do this by using a Grand Valley logo or the inscription "Grand Valley State University".

When using the words "Grand Valley State University", there must be a Grand Valley logo on the back of the communication part. Even though the logo is resizable, it should not be skewed or changed. Do not place the logo where perforation or bindings could disturb the logo. Logo (consisting of logo mark and logo type) must be at least 1.25in. width for trademark, 1in. width for Marketop logo and 2in. width for single-line logo.

Make room around the logo at all times, free of type, graphic or other interfering items. Don't alter the logo proportion or otherwise warp it. Don't turn the logo. Logo should only appear in landscape mode. Combined logo combinations include the Grand Valley logo with the name of the entity contained under the logo.

The creation of your own logo is forbidden. One-of-a-kind Grand Valley web links can be added under combined logo. Don't change or extend the web site URL to any of the original initial logo's that already contain the university's website. A web addressee should appear in a serifless font (preferably Gill Sans) and be 1/2 as high as the character "Y" in the words "VALLEY.

" Web addresses should be centred under the logo. A general guideline is that the distance between the lower part of the device name and the upper part of the "www" in the web adress should also be about 1/2 as large as the character "Y" in the words "VALLEY".

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