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Houses for Sale in Northwest Arkansas, Golf Courses - Shadow Valley is a premium upscale subdivision and golf course in Bentonville, Arkansas. The Yosemite Valley - Yosemite National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

The valley, which is well known, came into sight in almost its entire extension: the precious ramparts, carved in an infinite diversity of cupolas and pediments, towers and merlons and simple wall rocks, shake with the thunderous sounds of the cascading waters.... The Yosemite Valley, home to many of the renowned rocks and falls that make Yosemite National Park so popular, is within year-round reach by road and coach.

The Yosemite Valley is open all year round. By Coach: Amtrak and Greyhound offer local transport to Yosemite Valley. Free-of-charge shuttles in the east of Yosemite Valley and to El Capitan in summers. As we welcome you to Yosemite, you should be prepared for jams, especially in Yosemite Valley and at the parking access.

In case you intend to drive to Yosemite Valley for the whole afternoon, you should be there before 9 a.m., after that the lot is usually full. You can park in Yosemite Village, Half Dome Village (formerly Curry Village) and near Yosemite Falls. When you find a place to park, make plans to keep your vehicle there; you will not find another place to park.

Take the free Yosemite Valley bus to explore the Yosemite Valley. When you have booked accommodation or a campsite, leave your vehicle at your chalet or campsite and use the ferry to get around. As soon as all Yosemite Valley spaces are full, you can be diverted to other areas (which also have restricted space).

Every year Yosemite National Park attracts over four million people. When you are going to see Yosemite, make sure you know in advance and get there early. Longer transport holdups and extreme restrictions on car park possibilities are to be expected in summers. Anticipate a delay of one hr or more at the entry points and two to three in Yosemite Valley.

Valley-visitor center (all year round): Ranger-employed information centre, bookshop, Spirit of Yosemite movie and exhibition space, which describes the zoology, the flora and fauna and the story of the reserve. Northwest Valley Wildlife Center (May to October): Provides wildlife permissions, bears cans, cards and travel guides. Informations about travel plans, the campsite with minimal effects and the Yosemite weilderness.

The Yosemite Museum (all year round): This Indian culture exhibition and village interpret the culture of the Yosemite born Miwok and Paiute from 1850 until today. The Yosemite Conservation Heritage Centre, formerly LeConte Memorial Lodge (late May to early September): Yosemite's first Sierra Club run visitors' centre has a children's area, a local community centre, a local community centre, a local community centre, a local community centre, a local community centre, a local community centre, a local community centre and the Yosemite Valley's most of the park's renowned falls.

They have little or no rain in autumn and autumn one of the most popular vistas of the Yosemite Valley. You can see El Capitan and Bridalveil Falls from Yosemite Valley, with Half Dome in the foreground.

The Yosemite Valley has a direct look at El Capitan and Cathedral Rocks. The best stop is on the way out of Yosemite Valley. The best stop is on the way out of Yosemite Valley.

The Sentinel Meadow, Yosemite Valley Lodge (formerly Yosemite Lodge) are popular places to visit Yosemite Falls. At Yosemite Valley, is renowned for its view of both Half Dome mirrored in the Merced River. The Yosemite Falls can also be seen in the vicinity.

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