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VALETHOUSE believes that everyone should have the chance to lead a happy and fulfilling life. I am very happy in the Valley House and feel supported by the adults. Victorian house in picturesque surroundings near the beach. The Macleay Valley Nursing Home offers luxurious care facilities tailored to your needs.

I am very fortunate in the Valley House and I am feeling backed by the people. My relation to my keyworker is open and sincere and he'understands' me.

I am very fortunate in the Valley House and I am feeling backed by the grown-ups. The Valley House is a special care program for youngsters whose psychological needs have made hospitalization necessary in the past or who were "difficult to communicate". We focus on relationship-oriented work in a therapeutical setting, with the support of our psychiatric specialist and our in-house clinical psychologists.

The Valley House practice staff is challenging and has high expectations of the youngsters in our nursing home, trying to maximize their socially and pedagogically growing capabilities. Training is seen as a key element of our therapy program, where youngsters learn both in our community colleges and in our specialised Stepping Stones training school.

To help each young individual understand their needs better and provide them with the necessary policies and capabilities to overcome problems when they arise, in an ecosystem where there is a delicate link between education and Empowerment, freedom and mitigation, safeguarding and facilitation of work.

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Valley House Counseling Services (VHCS) has a highly qualified staff of consultants who can help you develop your own personality and career skills and research your issues in a private environment. Our multi-cultural consulting services are available to anyone 16 years of age or older. One of the issues that are often raised in counseling are:

Respect of confidential information within the scope of the self- and third-party damage law. For more information or to make an appointments, please consult Carol Benson, Consulting Coordinator.

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VALETHOUSE offers private and communal accommodations for young adults from 16 to 24 years of age as well as swimming accommodations. The Coventry City Council has mandated Valley House to provide a young parent assistance program with a 16- to 19-year-old seniority group.

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