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Claiming a Valley First CU credit card?

Visa® Platinum ScoreCard | Valley First Credit Union

Collect bonus points for every net US Dollars you spent on all qualified shopping and cash in on over 1,000 awards such as electronic, local or overseas travel and hotel travel around the world. Deserve 1% CashBack premium for all qualified shopping such as pay invoices, buy food, pump natural-gas and shopping on line, no matter how large or small.

You can apply for a credit facility easily, securely and around the clock. Use vAlerts-powered by Visa to check your Visa credit and/or debit card. Establish a Visa Alert account and setup your vAlerts-powered by Visa. The smart card technologies on your Visa credit and/or debit card reduce the risks of fraud by generating a clear identification number for each transaction you make on a chip-enabled card.

In order to notify your card as missing or stolen: Valley-fiirst credit insurance solutions are engineered to help you get over any difficulties you may face. Valley-in-one twig. The annual interest rate is based on the chosen programme and credit story. The credit s are granted on all of them. Prices and condition are liable to be changed.

3Purchasing these items is an option and does not influence your credit request. They are not covered by the National Credit Union Administration.

24/7 Free Services | Valley First Credit Union

Free, safe online banking - anywhere, at any time. Transfer funds, review your balance and request credit at will. Start today and start enjoying our user-friendly online & mobile banking. Use eStatements to minimize the paperwork and annoyance of destroying your valuable bank information. Easily retrieve bank accounts and important notes when you need them in our online & mobile banking.

Simply administer and settle your invoices and save your valuable resources with the free Bill Payment. Allows you to create beneficiaries, plan payment and see current, outstanding and past payment at any given moment. Make credit checks, make credit checks and much more by phoning our automatic 24-hour telephone line, Veralleyline, 24 hours a day. 24-hour number.

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