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Valley Federal Credit Union account frequently asked questions. As soon as you join a federal credit cooperative, you can remain a member for life. ("HQ: Brownsville, TX") Valley Federal Credit Union, Brownsville, Texas. Valley FCU serves its members in and around Brownsville, TX with exceptional financial products. Newest tweets from Valley Credit Union (@CreditUnionRGV).

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Notice the increasing use of Skimmern in the Rio Grande Valley to help you take your financials! Pocket Mobile App! As soon as you join a federal credit cooperative, you can stay a member for the rest of your lifetime. Do I have insurance on my cash investments? Do I need a reserve to open a Letter of Contribution?

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The Valley Federal Credit Union is an advanced, family-oriented credit institute with 10,000 members. She was the only five-member establishment to have been rented in 1935 in the home of one of her founding members at Levee St. in Brownsville, TX. The Valley Federal Credit Union was also growing as the town expanded. Soon after, the Valley Federal Credit Union had enough members to be able to buy a bigger bureau in the Federal Building on Brownsville's Elizabeth and Avenue.

1978, 53 years after the founding of the Valley Federal Credit Union, the head office was moved to its present location in Brownsville, 183 E. Price Road. The company also grew in size through mergers with the district, state and federal staff. Over the years, the Charta has been modified to allow small units in the Cameron and Willacy County.

In 2004, we changed our Charta to accommodate the underserved of Cameron County, including those who reside, work, go to college, or hold church mass. During our long story, the Valley Federal Credit Union has been a pioneer in passing on the advantages of a credit union to its members. It is the likelihood of the same dedication to the provision of comfortable service.

Whilst other facilities provide similar amenities like control, credit card and home equity loan, which stop being similar. There is no rivalry with the banking industry.

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