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The Genesee Valley FCU Virtual Branch is supported by the following browsers: You can visit our credit cooperatives in Harlingen, Brownsville and Los Fresnos. Pahranagat Valley Credit Union staff will help you make your decision. Rewensions and detailed information about the Valley Federal Credit Union. Do you have a planned holiday or a quick weekend trip and plan to use your debit or credit card, call our office before you leave.

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The campaign is only open to those who register through this hyperlink - click here and are 18 years of age at the time of registration. This campaign is only open and illegal to lawful U.S. citizens in Big Horn, Carbon, Gallatin, Golden Valley, Musselshell, Park, Stillwater, Sweet Grass, Treasure or Yellowstone Counties, Montana or Park County Wyoming.

Workers of Valley Federal Credit Union, its affiliated companies, subsidiary companies, advertising and promotional agents and vendors (collectively, the "Employees") and immediate families and/or persons who live in the same employee households are excluded from participating in the campaign. This campaign is governed by all federal, state and municipal law and regulation in force.

I' m agreeing to the rules: Participation implies that you ("you") fully abide by these Terms of Use and you hereby declare and guarantee that you comply with these Terms of Use. You further consent to the Valley Federal Credit Union's decision regarding the contents of this campaign as definitive and authoritative.

Duration of the campaign: To participate in the advertising campaigns, please use the on-line application which you can click here. Contributions must meet all the demands of the promotion to receive a price. Items that are not complete or do not meet the regulations or specification may be subject to disqualification at the exclusive option of the Valley Federal Credit Union.

Do not type more than specified using more than one e-mail address, identity or device to bypass the rule. In the event that you use deceptive practices or otherwise try to evade the terms of this Agreement, your input may be barred from participation at the exclusive option of the Valley Federal Credit Union.

Campaign winners (the "winners") will be given a $50 Visa Gift Card. Details of the price are set exclusively by the Valley Federal Credit Union. Currency or other compensation is only allowed at the option of the Valley Federal Credit Union. All costs associated with the award, inclusive and without restriction of all federal, state and/or municipal duties, shall be borne by the winner.

It is not allowed to replace the price or assign it to others or to demand the countervalue of the profit. Accepting the award represents approval for the Valley Federal Credit Union to use the name, image and registration of the winner for promotional and commercial use without further reimbursement, unless this is forbidden bylaws.

Winners and Notification:: The winner will be chosen by the person with the most points under the control of the Valley Federal Credit Union. The winner will be contacted by Facebook within five (5) working day after the winner has been chosen. The Valley Federal Credit Union assumes no responsibility that the winner will not be informed of spamming, misplaced emails or other safety issues, or that the winner will provide false or otherwise inoperable information.

Failure to contact the winner, inability to participate, failure to take up the prizes within 10 working day of the knockdown notice or failure to send back a filled out and duly submitted statement and approval will result in forfeiture of the prizes and the selection of another winner. Winners must comply with all federal, state and community law and regulation to receive the prizes in this campaign.

IF THE WINNER VIOLATES THESE FORMAL REGULATIONS (IN THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE VALLEY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION), THE WINNER WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AS THE WINNER OF THE PROMOTION AND ALL BENEFITS AS THE WINNER WILL BE IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED. Disclaimer: You acknowledge and covenant that Valley Federal Credit Union, everyone who acts on the Valley Federal Credit Union's name, and the licensors, successors and assigns of Valley Federal Credit Union, have the right to use, to the fullest extent permissible by applicable laws, in any known or later published medium to you, and to use it, including, but not limited to, the following content: "Valley Federal Credit Union",

Permanently and throughout the world, without restriction, your listing, name, profile, photo, voice, similarity, photo, statements regarding the ad campaigns and biographic information for messages, advertisements, information, commerce, advertisements, publicity, and solicitations. In the event that your listing violates someone else's IP rights, you will be subject to disqualification at the exclusive option of the Valley Federal Credit Union.

In the event that the contents of your Submission are asserted as a violation of property right or third parties' IP right, you must at your own cost protect or plead against such assert. It is your responsibility to release, indemnify, defend and/or defend Valley Federal Credit Union against any action, procedure, claim, responsibility, damages, costs or expenses that Valley Federal Credit Union may have incurred, may have suffered or incurred as a result of such violation or presumed violation of any third parties' right.

Valleybernankee Federal Credit Union retains the right, in its absolute opinion, to annul, end, modify or discontinue the promotion if viruses, errors, unauthorized acts of man, cheating or other causes beyond the reasonable authority of Valley Federal Credit Union interfere with the management, safety, fairness or orderly execution of the promotion. The Valley Federal Credit Union may choose the winner from all qualifying submissions submitted before and/or after (if applicable) the wager.

Valleybermonth Federal Credit Union retains the right, in its absolute opinion, to deny any person who manipulates or tries to manipulate the registration procedure or the functioning of the promotion or the website, or who breaches these general conditions. The Valley Federal Credit Union has the right, in its absolute opinion, to preserve the probity of the promotion and to invalidate voices for any cause, which includes, but is not restricted to: more than one record of the same users from different IPs; more than one record from the same computer beyond what is permitted by the promotion policy; or the use of any bots, macro, script or other skill.

A participant's attempts to intentionally harm a website or corrupt the lawful functioning of the campaign may constitute a breach of penal and civilian code. If such an effort is made, the Valley Federal Credit Union retains the right to claim compensation to the maximum amount allowed by applicable local legislation. Disclaimer:

Through your participation, you consent to indemnify Valley Federal Credit Union and its affiliated companies, affiliated companies, advertising and promotional services, business associates, agent, agents, assignees, contractors, employees, executives and directors from and against any and all liabilities, sickness, personal injuries, deaths, losses, lawsuits, claims or damages, whether or not arising directly or indirectly as a result of negligence:

i) the Participant's involvement in and/or receipt, ownership, use or abuse of any or all of the Campaign; ii) any type of engineering failure, which may include but is not restricted to malfunctions of computers, cables, networks, computer or any other physical device; iii) the non-availability or non-accessibility of any transmission, phone or web services; iv) unauthorised acts of man in any part of the Engagement Procedure or Doctorate; v) computer or man errors in the management of the Doctorate or the pro cessional processses.

It is ruled by the laws of the United States of America and MONTANA and WYOMING, regardless of the legal document conflicts. In order to participate in this contest, the entrant accepts that any dispute that cannot be settled between the two sides, and any cause of lawsuit that arises out of or in connection with this contest, shall be decided separately and without recourse to a collective claim, only in a Montana and Wyoming judge.

In addition, in such a case, the entrant is under no circumstance allowed to receive penal, collateral or subsequent compensation, which includes appropriate attorneys' fees, except for the entrant's real outlay ("costs related to participation in this campaign"). Any information filed with an enrolment is governed by the privacy policy posted on the Valley Federal Credit Union website.

In order to receive a copy of the winner's name or a copy of these rules, send your enquiry together with a prepaid, self-addressed cover to: Sponsor of the ad is: The ad is not in any way sponsors, supports, manages, or associated with Facebook.

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