Valley East Renegades

East Valley Renegades

The Valley East Renegades Athletic Association. & ;. The Renegades annual hockey tournament hosts: For more information on Valley East Renegades, please visit www.verenegades.

ca. Dad and Jose refuse to leave the valley in the east when Joaquin will save his renegades with the help of organ day. Massey Predator's Atoms Team took part in the Valley East Renegades tournament this weekend and brought home the silver medal.

will be held from March 25-27.

On 25-27 March, the Valley East Renegades Major Hockey Event will take place in the venues of Centennial, Confederation and Capreol. There will be 125 crews and 1,500 participants in the competition. Renegades is an autonomous community charity campaigning for "good things for children" and especially for smaller sporting activities, according to a statement by the group.

Founded in 1981 by four people with a "vision for the future", the Renegades have been assisting young people in our area for over 30 years. It supports juvenile football, ball games, football, basketball, ringetts, sports, swimming as well as young people in need. Alumni Hanmer and Minnesota Wild Players Andrew Brunette will supply awards, inclusive of poles, mittens, hockey trousers, wheeled pouches and warm-up tops, for the event.

Every squad member, chosen at random, will win a Brunette award, as well as the MVP' of the Masters.

08 Defectors

Many thanks to everyone who took part in our attempts in early spring. More than 60 competitors were with us and we are looking forward to playing in our tournament in early season! Happy birthday 08 Renegades! It is our aim to help our individuals build a sound mindset of the game and a powerful athletic base so that they can play as aggressive travelling hopefuls. All this together as a supporting, coherent and uplifting team.

To promote the athletic and psychological well-being of all members of the crew in a healthful and affirmative atmosphere in order to promote good sportiness, mutual esteem and individual dignity on and off the frozen ace.

Club Valley East Boxing - Contributions

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