Valel Salon and Spa Nyc

Salon Valel and Spa Nyc

The Mateus L. Val El Salon and Spa's hair removal services will make you feel like wearing a bikini. New York, NY. I have a deal with Pulsd for two to go and get a massage. That girl who did my massage gave a deep tissue massage and it was worth every moment.

You are looking for a hair salon in the Upper East Side, New York City-Manhattan?

Salon and Spa Val - 364 pictures & 302 reviews - Day Spas - 1291 1st Ave, Upper East Side, New York, NY - Phone number - Support

I had to save my head from fading jeans, which turned into an almost green alga colour. Now I totally fucking adore my hairdryer!!!!! Lovin' what he did to my head. The hairdresser on my own company told me about this hairdresser's shop and I thought I'd give this voucher to my girl.

On the way there, there were a few shampoo sessions she liked. It' made her coat glossy and satin. Your hairdresser was an Oriental who had a talk so my girl wouldn't go to sleep. Your hairdryer came out nice. Prior to the incision, my daugher showed her a photo of how my daugher wanted her to look (V-shape) It took a while because she had thick coat, but it came out as she wanted.

It used a technology I had never used on myself before - instead of drawing, it made fun of every hairpiece before drawing. It was using toners that caused extras, but I ended up with the colour I really wanted (ashy blondine instead of gold.) My two reviews would be: 1) my stranded head of coat has seemed a tad more confused than before, could just be due to workmanship 2) if I put my strand of coat into a horsetail, you won't see the brighter areas of ballayage as well.

All in all it looks great and was the best colour of beautiful hair I ever had. Not only is Vivian clever and concentrated, she really took her sweetheart' s sweetheart to make sure everything was just right. She' done an awesome job with the paint I wanted and I' m very pleased overall.

She is very skilful with Asiatic brush. At Vivian suggested receiving the toners ($50) and the olaplex treatments ($60) to reach the desired colour and further shield my condition. It' a beautiful salon, and I appreciate that they began with me as soon as my date began, and it only lasted about an hours, but I went there on Monday and my fingernails began to break the very next morning.

One more sacrifice from the Val El Salon! So it was a good prize and then when I got there they said $50 more for the toners and then I chose to have a cut they said $70 was kind of find and then the hairdylish said my fur used more produce cuz,

i wished it very bright and i said no it's just like that and in the process she said about a cream for my barber i said i dont need anything else so at the end she said i had the colour i wanted so i couldn't see the top of my barber i only saw the tip of my barber when i was going to be paying me and a haste and i heared that the woman said $122 and i got out of the salon,

was $302 I was in the strike and then I phoned the salon and they said the barber put some specific barbershop stuff on my head and they didn't even ashke it, I and because of that $100 more bucks and the balance was NEW YORK TOX and then she was hanging up the cell very impolite.

Please! Please be very very wary with this place the hairdresser gets commission from the items they sell! im so uglily looking upside of my hairdos looks disapointed so I wanted you fellas to tell me if this is $400 worth.....hairstylish of taiwan I think she's calling viceiana!

I' d previously had a full-grown ombre that began to fade into an evil orangery. It really took the liberty of painting my head well, because there was a little bit of green and a little bit of red that I didn't want to cross through before. In the end the results were a well mixed ballayage that didn't dehydrate my coat too much.

They wanted to make sure that I was feeling good all the while I was shampooing my shampoo and asked me to have a cup of herbs. Quickly forward to a few hours later after my strand of hairdos washed, colored and tinted, Fabio asks me if I want to be amazed (which means I wouldn't see myself in the glass until he has fully dryed and stylized my hair) and I said yes.

When I was sitting on the stool, I could still see some of my own fur that fell in front of my face and saw that it was getting a little twilight. When he was done and had turned the wheelchair over, I saw my head of glass... uh, my head... covered. What in itself is a big issue, the hairdresser should have the BEST illumination everywhere, especially where they work on their work.

Apart from the fact that I didn't like my colour even in the better light, it was really big and still had some ruffle and ripples at the top. It was no wonder, because I have really thick, frizzy coat and I came for the best colouring, not a hairdryer.

One way or another I said thank you and went, it was too early, I was quite the last visitor there and I didn't mind. {\a6} (Picture of my head before the second coloring). but she was pale hide, brown coat, phony ass and breasts. They ask her why I am accused of blow-drying my hairdryer, and she says I was there to fix the colour of my hairdryer, which they did for free, but not to blast it out, which would be a surcharge.

It told me that I would not go with my head full of water, that they would "pass the blower", but it would not be discharged like on my last stop. I walked a little back and forth because I don't have the kind of head of head through which you can simply guide "the blower", but she obviously didn't want to move.

With a ridiculously large amount of olive grove and "past the hairdryer ", my coat was frizzed, confused, confused, greasy and catastrophic. So all I did was pull up my head in a roll and leave. I' ve had her do the ballayage and the whole the whole while she was so kind and patien.

and she got me the right colour. I' ve been with Mateus for over 5 years now and he's doing a great work on my head.... he's my literal coiffure. Mats with everything from cuts, colour, extensions, etc...... He is also very sincere about what your salon can really do, unlike those other counterfeit saloons that would take your cash and harm your salonair.

Loving it, loving it, loving my head. Taking his own sweetheart' moments, he makes sure that my blond is flawless and never causes duplicate lawsuits or breaks. I have a longer, more healthy and blond coat than ever before..... It was my first trip, when it was real and exceeded my expectation every second.

He' s always cutting my scissors without making my scissors feel good. On another remark; He also has a great character, so I always look forward to spend my free moment with him on the seat. They took a while to test my barbershop and gave me a detailed description of the whole procedure.

It comes out very naturally and very good coverage of my preceding faded colouring. There was a false conclusion last weeks posting, half way through shampoo, I was told this is higher and Julie reacted that this is not True and that I came in for keratin and etc etc I want everyone to know everything I said is True.

and I was NOT even once said that the cost of thick coat will be higher, too, also, defines thick! My shampoo got rinsed when they said I had to buy more. Discourteous and filthy salon. Cezanne I had done about 12 month ago in Val El and it was horrible, so we changed the hairdresser in the hope of a better result and came back for Groupon.

Nevertheless, he was tossed out into the coldness, quite literally dripping with damp brush. Don't go to Val El to get your head done. It knows how to handle asiatic colour and colour. And she even went out for my pancake when she knew I was starving and that I was running a little bit behind because I had done my own hairdos.

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