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These are the top attractions you should consider on your itinerary for anyone in the enviable position of having unlimited time and resources. Children and family attractions in the USA. Explore the best attractions in the USA, including Kennedy Space Center, Saguaro National Park and Central Park. Do you plan a visit to the USA? Schedule in advance and read on to find out which of the top tourist attractions in the USA are worth a visit!

Touristic Attractions in the United States

will be the most frequented non-private property touristic attraction in the United States, with over 41 million people visiting in 2011. These are a listing of the most sought-after custom touristic attractions in the United States, a listing of touristic attractions by theme, and a choice of other remarkable touristic attractions and travel locations.

The most popular attractions in the USA in 2011: The United States has many protected areas and is a great place for tourism. Accommodation can be both accommodation for visitors to a particular area or town and travel destination itself, with many of them having a historical and culture-state.

Lists of areas in the national park system: "the most-visited tourist attractions in America." National Park Administration (June 2010). "The National Historic Landmarks Program": National Historic Monuments by State" (PDF).

Sightseeing in the USA 100

There are many of the world's symbols. National Park. Situated between the hills in the heartland of California, at an elevation of more than 1200m. The Yosemite National Park was established in 1890. It' s known for its many wonderful falls and thick pinewoods.

It is one of America's most appealing symbols. It is a splendid reserve in all four periods of the year. Summers are very verdant and cool - something that is difficult to find in California during the summers. It' a lovely fall outfit. Mt. Bigglades National Parks. It is a kind of northern African alligator that lives in these areas.

The Everglades National Parc is on the UNESCO World and Cultural Heritage Site Listing. It was established in 1934. Nationalpark Yellowstone. Situated between the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, Yellowstone National is one of the icons of the United States. Established in 1872, it has been on UNESCO's World Heritage Site since 1978.

Yellowstone, with its unspoilt, typically northern African countryside, will make you experience the years when the first Europeans appeared on the Europe. It is home to wildlife such as the Grizzly bears, the bears, the Bald Eagles, the Puma, the stags, the bisons and many others. Respectfully, the General Electric edifice.

Every December, the Rockefeller Centre hosts America's most gorgeous and glittering Christmas trees. It is the most popular place in the USA. You can reasonably say that you are in the centre of the earth when you go to Time Square. It' a great oversight if you go to America and not California.

It is a whole movie city in the center of the second biggest US city - Los Angeles. Boston, Massachusetts can rightly be described as the "world capitol of higher education". Situated next to the small but lovely Charles Riverside Nature Reserve, Harvard is regarded as the most elitist schools in the whole wide globe and a synonym for quality schooling.

Harvard, as it should be for a college of this kind, is located in an old house that, like the timemachine, will return to England hundreds of years ago. One of the most celebrated alumni were former US President Kennedy and Roosevelt. One of the Harvard Univesity premises houses the world's biggest college libraries.

The United States and Canada are on the frontier between Superior Lakes, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario. The Superior Brine is the biggest fresh water pond in the whole wide area. Situated on the shores of San Diego, California's most southern town, the Hotel del Coronado is one of the most interesting attractions on the American Pacific byways.

This is a topic of interest to all those who come to this lovely town for one or another of them. Constructed in 1888, this genuine and pristine house has a bright green façade and redundant sky. One of the most renowned guests of all times was the guest of the guest house - the actress Marilyn Monroe.

Situated at the east end of Oahu, in the heart of Hawaii's capital Honolulu, is one of the great US landmark - Diamond Head. Now, Diamond Head is far lower than the highest point of the isle, but it possesses its glory by its position in the very town. Dried and vegetation-free hillsides of the mountainous mountain range contrasts with the luxuriant rainforest of the isle.

Sears Tower is situated not far from the shore of Lake Michigan. The Sears Tower, along with Burj Dubai, Taipei 101, Shanghai WTC, Petronas Towers and the Empire State Building, is one of the tallest buildings in the city.

The Bedlends National Park has a very distinct and articulated area. The I-66 is probably the most beloved motorway in the canyon. Just known as Hwy 66, it is mostly associated with the Americans' pioneering mindset and their wish to visit the western shore and sunshine of California. That' s the superhighway we've seen in a dozen of US films in which young folks go with just a few bucks in their pockets and are looking for a better life in California without even realizing what's around the corner. It' a great game.

The route traverses the states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and ends in Los Angeles, California. Devil's Tower is a cliff formations in the north-eastern part of Wyoming. It is a national and international tourist attraction. Devil's Tower, like many other strange works of art from all over the oceans, is characterized by escalation.

Devil's Tower is the most stunning at sundown when it turns deeply amber. National Olympic Parks. Olympic National Parks is situated in a mountain region in the northwest of Washington and protects one of the most attractive pinewoods in the Americas. One of the pearls of this wonderful reserve is the Blue Glacier.

The woods of the Olympic National Parks are home to a wide range of wild animals - bear, wolf, roe Deer, eagle, owl and so on. The Queets River slopes down from the glacier in the middle of the area. The Brooklyn Bridge is 1834m long and links two of New York's most celebrated neighborhoods - Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Built in 1883, the viaduct enabled several hundred thousand working people to travel across the East River between Manhattan and the Isle of Long Isle. Nowadays it is one of the oldest hanging gantries in the canopy. There are many other viaducts today that accommodate some of the transport on the congested Isle, but the Brooklyn is still one of a kind.

It' one of the most gorgeous and renowned in the United States. Situated in the most northern part of Los Angeles, it is sunny almost all year round. It is one of the most appealing places in the USA. Anyone who has come to New York for the first utterly surprised that, despite all the roads that move from north to south and from east/west, Broadway follows its own course and does not follow these regulations in any way.

That alley starts near Battery Park in Lower Manhattan. The route traverses Time Square and leads through Columbus Circle near Central Park. The Broadway is one of America's most celebrated roads. It' s one of the best theaters in the whole wide globe.

The Lahaina is a wonderful historic town on the northwest shore of the Maui Islands in Hawaii. The Chrysler building. The Chrysler Building is one of the most emblematical structures in the United States of America. Building of this nice high-rise began in 1928 and ended in 1930 (2 years later).

Situated not far from the banks of the East River in East Manhattan. Just like the Empire State House, the Chrysler House has a pointed top that makes it clearly visible from the Big Apple's outlines. United Nations buildings. It' s crazy to go to New York without seeing the United Nations buildings.

It is striking to see how important people from all over the globe came here to debate the global outlook. If you are standing in front of the house, you should be conscious that this is in a way one of the places from which the whole earth is ruled today. It is also an impressing place - it is very nice, fashionable and shining on the banks of the East River.

The Haleakala Nationalpark lies in the south part of the nice isle of Maui in Hawaii. In 1961 the village was proclaimed a protected area. Recently, humans have recognized the advantages of cleaner and more visible oceans and therefore this is one of the biggest and most important observation sites in the game.

Situated in the northerly part of California, in the northerly part of the US metropolis of San Francisco. Warmer sunshine and humid summers make this place the best wine-growing area in the United States and offer the possibility to produce top-grade wine in the United States.

Neapa offers you the best of California - sunny, verdant, peaceful and abundant. You can spend the night in one of the renowned vineyards and try the beverage of the deities. One of America's greatest attractions is located on the eastern shore of the Potomac River in Washington.

The Lincoln memorial is situated in the heart of the United States' capitol. Situated in the middle of the nice and well-kept West Potomac Park, the monument is about 30 years old. The lovely sculpture is made of pure whitemarble and about 6 m high. The design was made by the world-famous Frank Lloyd Reid.

It' situated in one of the most prestigeous and luxury parts of New York, namely Fifth Avenue, opposite Central Park. It is a very odd and peculiar place, and there is really no way of being overlooked. You will find Picasso painting and masterworks by other renowned painters.

Often there is an exhibition on different themes and for this reason mostly works from all over the wide globe are gathered. This is Catalina Island. Situated about 44 kilometres off the coastline of Long Beach, Los Angeles, California. Of course, there are other archipelagoes near the California coastline, but this is known as the most scenic and romantically most.

It looks like a Mediterranean Sea - sunny, always verdant flora, palms, beautiful sandy areas and boats around the coastline. As in most places in California, there is no lack of comfort. It is a very quiet and picturesque place, and the feeling of walking through the city of Avalon (the largest city on the island) is more like Europe than America.

There is a string of icy volcanoes in northern America, where the US seems to be trying to reach Asia. Rodeo Drive is situated in the wealthiest district of Los Angeles - Beverly Hills and, together with Fifth Avenue in New York and the Champs Elisees in Paris, is one of the best shops in the city.

Indeed, the place is very well suited for such an expansive mall, as it is home to tens of thousand famous people from the show business community and many celebrity and affluent business people. It'?s a lovely tabloid itself. Situated on both sides of the streets and between the alleys are pretty palms, and opposite the shops and cafés you will see luxurious automobiles for tens of millions of dollars.

The Redwood and the Redwoods. One of the most spectacular natural reserves in the USA - the Redwood is located in North California, on the Pacific coast. You' ll see some of the most magnificent woods in the moderate widths of our globe. Even today, the Golden Gate is the longest arc building in the whole wide open area.

Occasionally, the meteorological condition in this place makes it even more lovely than it is. Oceans of the world. The Sea World in San Diego is one of California's greatest attractions. Here, in the middle of the nice ambience of the garden, you can savour the unbelievable game. It' one of the most amazing high-rises in California.

Constricting it to the top form of a top is a very good way to build such a high structure in a high-sea zone as San Francisco, for example. It was finished in the early 1970s and has been an important touristic destination of this lovely and well known town ever since.

It' the most beatiful neighborhood in New Orleans. There is a very nice and unique architectural style, and the building is mainly made of timber. She boasts nice sandy beach and enjoy a wonderfully hot weather and many sunshine nights. Situated in the northern part of the city, the historical part, where the major attractions are to be found, is surrounded by the thick florida green.

It' situated in the middle of the Arizona state. One of the city's main attractions, Chinatown in San Francisco is home to one of the biggest China municipalities in North America after Vancouver, British Colombia. This neighborhood is easily accessible in downtown San Francisco near the cove.

In Baker Street in Atlanta, Georgia is Coca-Colaorld. It is a very contemporary and eccentrically designed exhibition that recounts the history of Coca-Cola - refreshments that deserve the attention of visitors from all over the globe. At Coca Cola Worlds you can find out everything you need to know about this sparkling drink.

It is one of the free standing villages on the Isle of Maui. It' located at the east end of the isle. Near Hana there are nice falls where many local people and visitors go swimming under the dropping waters. The Hana beach is either colored red or darkbrown because of the vulcanicity.

Don't miss the small Waianapanapa National Park, which will charm you with its beautiful landscape. It' in Manhattan, New York. A lot of prominent people from the show biz sang on this air. Also, the structure itself is very appealing. As the Guggenheim Museum, Madison Square Garden is an elliptical and modernistic edifice that stands out from the neighbouring tower.

South of Oregon, near the California frontier, is probably the most scenic of the United States - Crater Lakes. Situated at an elevation of almost 1900 metres in the stunning Rocky Mountains. There' s a small elliptical islet not far from the west shore.

This is definitely the most wonderful place in winters. The Dakota Buildings. The Dakota House is situated at 71nd Street and Central Park West in Manhattan. It is not a very tall, old and noble edifice known for more than just architectural design. To this day, the apartmenthouse opposite Central Park is still in the possession of John Lennon's family.

It' in Central Park, just a few walking steps from the Dakota Building. GA in downtown Atlanta is home to the world's biggest TV station - the US giants CNN. The CNN Center is not in a gigantic high-rise, which is even a surprise considering that this is America - the land known for its high-rise and tall-building.

However, the TV tower has a fairly large surface area. The Isle Royale National Park. Situated in the middle of the Lake Superior near the US frontier with Canada, the Isle Royale is known for its breathtaking scenery, which captivates its onlookers. The cleanness of the surrounding countryside makes the islands evenly appealing in all four season.

Fairmountain park. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is home to Fearmaunt Industrial and Commercial Gardens, the United States' biggest city garden. Now, the reality is that his glory is at the cost of the other two reserves - South Mountain Reserve, Phoenix and Phoenix Mountain Reserve. As a matter of fact, the two are the biggest municipal gardens in America, but in the way you envision it, with many walks and trails for walking, Fearmaunt is the one and only one.

It is the biggest of its kind in the USA and even the infamous Central Reserve cannot compete with it. The Wailea is one of the most attractive sands in the canyon. Located on the western shore of the most touristy of Hawaii's archipelago's islands - Maui - the sandy shore is truly great and a great complement to the most charming holiday destination you can imagin.

East California, near the Nevada frontier, lies on Mono lake. It' a lovely little pond that really doesn't merit disappearing! Its shape is elliptical and in the centre is a large islet, known as Paoha. It is a true haven of vitality in a state as water-free as California.

This is Central Park. More than 4 km long and with a perfect rectangle shape, Central is one of the most well-known urban parklands in the canyon. It was built over a dewatered marshlands. The Washington Memorial is one of America's greatest attractions. It' the highest stone memorial in the whole wide underworld.

Climbing to a maximum altitude of almost 170 metres, it is housed in this garden, which also houses the Lincoln Memorial. The Pentagon is one of the biggest administration complexes ever constructed on the western shore of the Potomac River near the US capitol, Washington.

And the Pentagon takes its name from the shape of the edifice. The Beverly Hills is probably the most pricey neighborhood in the whole wide globe and an important touristic destination for everyone who is traveling through America. It is a true wealthy people's heaven, situated in the north of Los Angeles, California. This is Rodeo Drive - one of the most pricey malls in the game.

Codiak Iceland. It' known among animal and plant enthusiasts. The largest part of the mainland is shrouded in thick pinewood. You will be enchanted by Kodiak's beauty. A geographic phenomena like this is as evident as here in California. This error stretches from Bahia California in Mexico to San Francisco.

Construction began in 1792 and was finished in 1800. It' on Pennsylvania Avenue. It is probably the most likeable, well known and most closely watched house in the whole wide fortress. It has a nice backyard with many flowers, and wells. They are part of the UNESCO cultural inheritance.

It is one of the most renowned musical centres in the whole wide globe. The church was constructed by the renowned philosopher Andrew Carnegie, whose name it is now. It is a very nice and important symbol. It is located in the attractions-saturated area of Manhattan, not far from Central Park, Rockefeller Center and so on.

The Yola Beach is one of the most famous in California. It' located in the most northern part of one of the most appealing US towns - San Diego. As with all of the other sandy beach in this sunbathing state, La Jola is most pleasant at sundown when the sea seemed to be bathed in the sundown.

The Yola is a very appealing place for US and international travel. Lovely parklands, homes, golf courts and surrounding resorts are an example of how the US is real. In Central West Central West, opposite the most popular city garden in the USA, is the America Museum of Natural Sciences.

Eli's isle. Isle of Ellis is less than two kilometres from the New Jersey coastline. It was used as a place where new arrivals came to America to live their quarantined time. The Hoover Dam Lake is one of the biggest in the U.S. and one of the biggest in the whole wide area. It' near Las Vegas, on the frontier between the states of Arizona and Nevada.

The Hoover is a true haven in the midst of the dessert. It' in Memphis, Tennessee and is renowned as an important touristic area. The villa is situated in the south of the town. You can take a look at the lives of this famous person, sense the ambience of his house and see his own private drive.

The Empire State Building. Today, many years after its construction, the Empire State Building is still a gem in the pinnacle of US architectural design. The high-rise building, finished in 1931, is still one of the tallest structures in the whole wide range. The Empire State Building, with 102 storeys and a ceiling of 381 metres, is proud of other Manhattan-building.

Today, this architectonic symbol is one of the miracles of the contemporary state. Situated in the north of the Angel Town - Los Angeles - Hollywood is the Mecca of the US movie business. Ever since, the Hollywood sign has been the same and has attracted billions of people.

In order to warrant the money spent on the project, the structure had to be higher. The tall edifice was something unfamiliar at the times, and the flat iron appeared, astonishing the whole wide 87 metres high area. Situated in New York's Manhattan area, the Cathedral of Saint Patrick is America's most beloved Catholic religion.

Situated in one of the liveliest and most urbanized parts of New York between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue. It is a New Jersey Atlantic coastal residence. It is famous for its trendy casino and lovely beach. Looking at the Mauna Loa from the seabed to the summit, it is assumed that this would be the highest summit in the whole wide range with a total altitude of more than 10 kilometres.

This is one of the most elitist colleges in the underworld. It' s about half an hours drive from San Francisco, California, in the small city of Palo Alto. Coming from both sides of the street there are wonderful palms. Though not the highest in Seattle, this is still one of Washington's greatest attractions.

It was especially constructed for the world exhibition in Seattle in 1962. One of the main attractions is the revolving dining room. You will see the most attractive places of interest at twilight, when the town' s highlights begin to be bright. One of the most imposing US owned Waldorf Astoria is located between 49 Street and Park Avenue in Manhattan.

This art -deco styled house was already finished in 1931. It' the favorite of world-famous people. Everyone who has ever seen Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain) has been informed about the Mississippi and knows how important he has been to the US in the past. It is a cove on the coastline of California, just south of San Francisco.

One of the greatest attractions here are the orcas. Nationalpark North Cascades. It' near the federal state of Canada, in the north of Washington. It' one of the most wonderful places in America. You will find wonderful broadleaf and conifer woods, deep valley surrounding high hills, snow-capped summits and crystal-clear alpine ponds.

Whatever the season, the landscape is the same in all four of them. This is Miami Beach in the south of Florida. Miami Beach can be described as the most frequented part of one of the best resorts in the run. Coco palm trees, nice sandy beach, restaurant, clubs as well as hotel buildings make up the infamous Ocean Drive road.

Across the gilded shores of the Kauai Islands, the elevation rises quickly to 1598 meters at Mt Kawaikini. However, high does not draw visitors and that is not the most impressive thing. It' on West 53rd Street in a glass-covered edifice. It stretches just northern of Manhattan, and its biggest symbol is New York Yankees Arena.

It is a small and nice isle in the most southern part of Florida. It' part of the Florida Keys range of islands. The home of Ernest Hemingway, novelist and novelist "The Old Man and the Sea" is one of the main attractions. The Arch is the highest memorial in the whole wide underworld.

It' s set in a magnificent parkland on the Mississippi River in the centre of St. Louis. The Niagara Falls are probably the most wonderful and best-known waterfalls in the canyon. This cascade lies between the Erie and Ontario Oaklands. The Arches National Parks. Tones of oranges on the cliffs can give you the feeling of being in the centre of Australia.

Mammut' s Den National Park. Kentucky is home to the longest cavern on our earth today - the Mammothave. It' very nice. It is an extraordinary place in Los Angeles, California. Well, the famed Way of Fame is part of Hollywood Boulevard. Every show biz has its own personality here.

Alcatrazz Island, situated among the cool water of San Francisco Bay, became famous with the fact that here was one of the hardest jails in the underworld. It was later transformed into a nature reserve and is now an important touristic area. At the front of this house is a giant US banner.

The stock exchange was established in 1792 and is still in the same location today. The Metropolitan Opera is one of the most renowned in the underworld. It' on Ninth Avenue, just to the west of Central Park in Lincoln Center. It' s an imposing structure. And if you are not a lover of opera, you can at least admire the architectural design of the edifice, which already at that time was costing tens of billions of dollars.

It is one of the greatest attractions in the game. Situated in the center of the global capitol Las Vegas. The city was known as Las Vegas, the global capitol of conversation. Disneyland, California. They are the most famous theme grounds in the whole wide underworld. Disneyland, the first wind farm, was opened in Anaheim, Los Angeles, California, on July 17, 1955.

Designed primarily for kids, Disneyland is perhaps more appealing to grown-ups today. Mount McKinley lies in the south of Alaska. He is 6193 metres high and is the highest summit of the United States and North America. Capitol's story began in 1793, when the first US Presidency - George Washington - began to build this magnificent edifice.

She is one of the most renowned in the whole wide globe and symbolises the power of the United States. Now this is the US Congress headquarters. The Daytona Beach is a small holiday destination with almost 65,000 inhabitants in northeastern Florida. It' s known for its lovely sandy beach and innumerable possibilities for pleasure.

Warm climates and sunshine throughout most of the year and the absence of stresses that are part of daily living in the big towns of the globe, best places for dining and hotel making Daytona Beach one of the most favorite places for tourists in the USA. The Monument Valley National Park.

That'?s Monument Valley National Park. The city of Hawaii is renowned for its extraordinary sands. Situated on the shores of Hawaii's Honolulu. All this against the background of the volcanic craters that rise in the south of the Hawaiian city. Everything is here - from some of America's most interesting attractions to some of the most prestigious and prestigious shops in the game.

Fifth Avenue features the Empire State House, the Metropolitan Opera and the renowned Flat Iron. The Kilauea is a vulcano in Mount Mauna Loa (another important symbol of America) on the Hawaiian Isle. One of the most scenic, stunning and interesting of the Pacific Ocean isles, Hawaii's natural beauties are the result of the volcanic destruction.

As you can see, the vulcanic force on this is dampened, provided it consists only of the longest part of the volcano, which reaches the imposing 150 km! National Canyon Park. It' in Southern California. The second highest global warming was recorded here - 56.6 °C in July 1913.

Crawling rocks that somehow cover great distance and left behind traces are one of the greatest attractions of the outback. It is a small and very nice city at an elevation of over 2400 meters in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. 99th White Sands National Park. There is an amazing creature of mother earth in the state of New Mexico.

It' s in Southern California, not far from the big US city of Los Angeles.

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