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Hold your wedding or wedding celebration here, near Saratoga Springs in Upstate NY. We' ve got the perfect place for your special day. The Best Wedding Place in Upstate New York Born in New York, I have been photographing in Saratoga Springs, Lake George, Albany, Lake Placid and the Adirondacks for over a decennium. I' m honoured to work with the best wedding designers, catering and florist in our area and I' m humbly on the recommendation lists of the most delightful guesthouses, stylish properties and historical receptions.

For photos of the most prominent venues for your wedding, have a look at the gallery below and please do not hesitate to do so. I' d like to make sure you`re feeling fit, comfortably and upset about the moons at your wedding party. I have filmed there many a time and I would like to reply to any question you may have.

Do you plan a wedding outside of Upstate New York? I' m a frequent traveler for target marriages and would be happy to take pictures of your party wherever your hearts take you.

A unique wedding and eventlocation in Albany

Culinary delights, townscape and historical atmosphere offer the ideal backdrop for your next outing. Just think, you have your wedding, your company party, your charity or any other unique occasion in the picturesque centre of Albany. With so many contemporary facilities, you can hold your own festivities that are nice, but don't make compromises with the contemporary facilities.

The uncompromising commitment to the excellence of our professionals has helped us to become one of the top wedding and venue locations in Upstate New York. Marriages are the most extraordinary when you share this outing with all your boyfriends and your loved ones, and with the capability to house wedding giants from familiar to large receptions of over 400 guests, you are sure to be spending the evening with those you emotion.

With our elaborately equipped function rooms, your wishes and traditions become true and our highly qualified personnel will ensure that you and your customers are catered for perfectly. There are many wedding arrangements available, from wedding ceremonies and receptions to post-wedding brunches, which can be personalised to give you the wedding of your dream at a cost that suits your budgets.

We have a team of professionals working with you to make your events an unforgettable one. As your shop means everything to you, your next meeting should correspond to this enthusiasm. Our services and qualities provide you and your customers with the best possible experiences.

Maczone Hospitality provides flawless services and cutting-edge cuisine to suit your tastes. It will be organised according to the high standard of the professional Mazzone Hospitality staff.

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