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There are two upstate towns selling alcohol on Sundays. Following a few hours of heavy rain, several cities in the north of the country suffered considerable flooding and consequential damage on Tuesday. AND THE HINTERLAND. I' d like to plan short day trips to cute small towns; maybe a town I can move to and one day start a family.

All over Connecticut, NJ or Upstate.

This are the 50 wealthiest cities in Upstate NY, ordered for 2018.

It is one thing to know which towns and communities have the highest total income in Upstate New York, but a new Buffalo Business First rankings goes even further by using 12 different drivers, from educational and professional to house value and income, to identify the wealthiest places in the area.

Buffalo Business First's Upstate Money Guide 2018, which gives 861 Upstate New York towns a wealth rating, is the basis for the following rank. Prosperity value is calculated on the basis of 12 points gathered by the U.S. Census Bureau's 2016 American Community Survey. Buffalo Business First Upstate New York is defined for the purpose of this rankings as the 48 county northern of the Pacific Area.

For full method ologies and detail see Buffalo Business First.

NY's most rapidly expanding communities: 2017 ranking of 50 towns, hamlets and towns

However, the latest U.S. Census Bureau demographic projections show that some towns in the area are still growing. Demographic projections for 2017 for each U.S. metropolitan, urban, village neighborhood and neighborhood were published in the May census. To identify the Upstate NY municipalities with the highest rates of expansion, we cross-referenced these figures with 2010 estimations.

Below are cities by their 2010-2017 and 2017 population and 2016-2017 population.

Escaping Upstate: 3 remote Catskills cities

While we appreciate the charm of Woodstock and neighbouring Phoenicia and Hunter, if you haven't travelled beyond these beloved inland attractions, you're just scraping the top of what the Catskill Mountains have to offer. It' s the only way to get there. If you' re willing to leave the well-worn paths for great little cafés, unusual stores, working classes pubs, open air arts and even a secret jewel of a drive-in cinema (with an open-air bar!), continue further along the Hudson River further north, exploring these small towns with great people.

The natives believe that the name " Coxsackie ", spoken "cook-SAH-kee", is a derivative of the Indian name for owls scream, and every spring owls statues created by regional artisans come to cichlids in front of them. Coxsackie is the unhappy eponym of the disgusting Coxsackie bug that was quarantined here for the first time in the 1940'.

It has a stunning Hudson River and a sweet little boulder of old shop windows, just a few paces from a riverside plant. Mánion + Reed: Stop for coffees, pancakes, sandwiches, meat and cheese and pick nacks at Mánion + Reed, a small general shop and cafe run by two twins who move to Coxsackie from Greenpoint and Houston.

This is Reed Street Bottle Shop: This is Coxsackie Farmer's Market: When you' re in the middle of the week, don't miss the spot orchards, greengrocers, bakers, cheesemongers and soaps merchants who come to Coxsackie's picturesque Riverfront Park every Wednesday. You will definitely want to try the Lime Kiln Farm from Europe, which is run by two cheesemongers who have recently moved from Tuscany to the Hudson Valley.

Featuring a bluecollar and barbecue charms, a range of taps to match the most beer-loving Brooklyn pubs, and a truly robust pub meal with specialities like the spicy Coxsackie Hot Chicken, which is salted, deep-fried, baked with home made chilli pepper sauce and marinated paprika and kimichi. Professional tip: 10 min southbound to Bonfiglio and the popular Hudson Brotbäckerei, which recently moved across the stream to Athens.

Although only 10 minutes by car from Hudson, over the scenic Rip Van Winkle Bridge, Catskill still seems like a secluded corner of a city. Explore the in-house artwork galery while you wait for a Norman Bates home-made barbecued home-made cheeses on focalcia cottage loaf that gets its shine from a local cured ham topping.

Watch the Catskill Mountain Royalty inspire painters over the centuries as you walk through historical palaces and backyards where the Hudson River School of landscape paintings began. Oak Hill is the home of the very much loved Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, but on the other 51 weekend of the year it is just a dozy village on Catskill Creek.

It' a simple 25-mile ride from Hudson, but it felt like the small, unexplored rural city you' ve always wanted. The IU Tripp: In a colourful, doubly plastered building, this perfectly maintained general merchandise shop from the 1830s links the old with the new. This huge wood-paneled coffee shop has the feel of entering the sky plain of the rain forest.

Hug your inner hippy with a steaming yeab maté and a savoury homemade snack on sandwiches. Professional tip: The old-fashioned Greenville Drive-In (top picture on the post), about 15 min away, has a subtle timetable with second row movies, a scenery of hills and bushes behind the canvas and an open-air bar and beergarden.

When you don't have your own bikes, you can take Amtrak to Hudson, and if you hire a vehicle through Entertain, they will deliver a vehicle to you at the RR. AirBnBs abound in the area, among them some of the fans' favourites such as Victoria's Jungalow, about 1804 Farmhouse and Owl's Nest Cabin in Coxsackie, family-friendly Honey Hollow Farm's Sweet Farm stay in Earlton and The Hygge House Catskill.

The Stewart House in Athens has recently re-opened for more expensive restaurants and guesthouses, the Woodhouse Lodge is a new favourite in Greenville and Catskill's Post Cottage is a prestigious historic B&B (although it must be borne in Mind that they cannot take in children).

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