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leenox In our Berkshires Sort, your holiday is yours. It' safe to go out into the great outdoors, to dare to test yourself. You will be inspired every stage of your spa holiday packages, from luxury botanic treatment to beneficial therapy that revives your spirit and state. Our Lenox Spa offers a smooth combination of gym and healthcare that is unique not only among Massachusetts spa resorts, but worldwide.

Do you want to concentrate on your own physical and mental wellbeing? In our Spa in Lenox, MA, the options are limitless. Take a breath deeply through an Ayurveda session that brings your heart and soul into balance. Enjoy the Berkshire countryside on a walking, cycling or canoe trip. You have the option in our Spa in MA, where you will find 100,000 sq. meters of luxury room devoted to your wellbeing.

The Lenox, MA and Bellefontaine Mansions and Integrative Health Center at our Lenox, MA Resorts are linked together, making it easier for you to discover your possibilities. Think of your perfect visit to our Lenox Spa. Whether you want to reduce your worries, practice for an imminent marriage race, change your emphasis to spa, or just get back on track with what's really important, your time at our Massachusetts spa can be anything you want.

No matter what your motivation, you'll find it at our Massachusetts Resorts and Spa. Throughout your sojourn we will feed your trip with local and genuine culinary art. Because we believe that eating is good for both your health and your spirit, our gifted cooks are creating strong, refreshing flavours with pure, biological cuisines.

Consider your sojourn at our Massachusetts luxurious spa as a period of refreshment and renewal. In our Massachusetts resorts and spas, you'll find the quality of life you're looking for to breath, connect, and return to what really is.

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