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The Upstate New York stretches from Lake Ontario in the west to the Hudson River in the east. It turns out that Upstate New York is a treasure trove of museums, sites and sights that are ideal for an educational trip with the children. At Upstate NY we are home to revolutionary history, unique geology and amazing scenery. This all-new first issue of Backroads & Byways of Upstate New York features a curated list of the twenty best rides, detours and trips through the state. From the city, follow the Hudson Valley into the hinterland of New York.

Upstate NY sightseeing: 40 funny places to go for a walk in the city

Upstate New York can be a great place to go on a full range of adventure. Review these suggestions when you plan your next outing in Upstate New York. Enjoy the days with Upstate New York's most renowned guiraffe, April, and her new heirs. From Binghamton it's a 15-minute car ride to the parks; lunches at the Main Street Grill and bakery in nearby Afton to imitate the tempo and menu of New York City restaurants.

Head to Jamestown, the home town of the famous comedian Lucille Ball. The Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum houses replicas of the set from the TV show "Iove Lucy ", the Emmy Award, requisites, costumes as well as souvenirs from the 1950s fabled show. Celeron near by, you can take a self-service with a statuette of a ball that has made the news in recent years.

Last year, the Scary Lucy effigy was substituted by a more complimentary sculpted ball in a dotted outfit. In Beacon on the Hudson River in Dutchess County for arts, antiquities and cuisine. Situated in the former Nabisco boxing plant, the DIA Kunstmuseum contains an imposing selection of large pieces of the time.

Further art galeries are spread throughout Beacon city centre, along with antiques and jewellery shops, as well as fine dining and breweries. Eat at the Dr. Who theme The Pandorica or take home bakery products from the Beacon Bread Company. Souvenirs, Visit Dream in Plastic, a funny toyshop, or Hudson Beach Glas with glassblowing shows and a sculptures gal.

Visit the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester for a family-friendly outing. Young children will like the replica of Sesame Street, where Big Bird looks out over the renowned stairs at 123 Sesame Street. Don't miss the Dancing Wings Butterfly Gardens, the only year-round in Upstate New York, and take a tour on the 1918 renovated merry-go-round and the Strong Express, an outdoor engine.

Dinner at the Strong Café, with a la-carte options such as Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Subway, or a dinner at Bill Gray's Restaurant or at the Skyliner Diner Wine Cellar in the entrance hall of the Musée.

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