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The spa resort Skana is the Oneida word for "peace". Images, videos and virtual tours of the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa. This is a list of some great hotels and motels in the Hudson Valley, Catskills and Upstate NY. Catskills : Mohonk : Escaping in the hinterland is essential to survive the pace of life in New York.

12 stylish places to pamper and relax in Upstate NY

Allow yourself a hydromassage, a facials treatment, a barbershop and other mental support service is the ideal way to push mental and physical pressure while you also feeling better. When you' re time to pamper yourself and make sure you get a first-class spa adventure, visit some of these stylish New York Upstate Spots.

Ithaca hotels

We' re looking forward to seeing you at our Finger Lakes Night Wineshop. Just a few mins from Cornell University and Ithaca College, as well as fine vineyards, intriguing museum, great musical and theatre sites and delicious cuisine. For over 30 years the Wiggins have offered extraordinary accommodation in Ithaca.

We are also animal-friendly, so your four-legged relatives are always welcome!

Kurhaus | Spa

It promotes the ultimative spirituality. This is a totally relaxation treatment that mixes massages and steamy bathrobes with a mixture of salt and soya. Combining old traditions with aroma therapy and touching, this treatment promotes calm and equilibrium. Himalayan salt stones are used to rub the skin with one of three mixtures of salviaI.

Combining sunflowers, appreciated in Oneida civilization for their tranquilizing properties, with jasmine, this deep-relieving, relaxation massaging experience is the perfect combination. Personalised mix of massaging technique together with the selection of aromatic therapy gel create a tailor-made therapy that improves blood flow and relieves cramp. Antinflammatory arnica extract and stimulant rosemary, basil and laurel essential oil are paired with a tight compressive massaging action that invigorates the body's sensitive system, improves blood flow and relieves sore muscles and joint problems.

The combination of herb cure and rejuvenating, a flower- and herb-loaded wrap, is used in a fluid, nourishing masseur. An indulgent full bodymassage with special technique to relieve and unwind fatigued muscle and decrease surplus hydro. It will peel your epidermis softly but efficiently. Moisturising massages to moisturise and elasticise the epidermis and a luxury head tan massages ensure your complexion is soft and supple.

Specially developed for the fourth term, this full bodymassage will help to re-orient and re-establish your whole organism, as it adjusts to a natural being. Select from a range of peelings and packs that can be taken individually or in combination with other physical treatment or massages.

The peelings peel and detox the surface of the leather so that it feels smoother and more vital. Every 80-minute treatment includes a full bodymassage. Cornmeal, acereoil, and seasalt are used for a soft peeling. Rounding off the services is the use of a Strawberries-moisturiser. In a revitalizing, deeply purifying peeling, miners are blended with the curative qualities of pure LAVENDEL to alleviate and improve the skin's appearance.

Moisturising for dehydrated skins, it is made from the curative and moisturising qualities of alloe loevea, in combination with the remineralising and nurturing qualities of ethereal oil. It is a fast-absorbing therapeutic method that softens and calmes the area. Indulge in a head and feet massaging while you sunbathe in peace.

Indulge in a head and feet massaging while you sunbathe in peace. The balancers have the curative traditions of medicinal herb and minerals packs and peelings, regenerating bathes and relaxation treatments in luxury combination to reduce stresses, rebalance and harmonize and revive your health, your soul and state.

Every 110-minute balance session contains a full bodymassage. Built on the traditions of using mineral-rich healing muds and gentle massages, this procedure detoxicates and relieves painful muscle and joint pain. A balancer containing a therapeutical pack of muds and a thermal-mineral spa, followed by a gentle massaging session with the medical advantages of ointment.

A soaking with green and Bergamoot oil to restore energy to the organism, followed by a vervain peeling with stimulant herb extract to make the area softer. It ends with a full-bodied, soothing massage with our deep moisturizing joioba-bodybutter. Eliminate caffeinated, dehydrated skins with this peptide-driven physical exercise, starting with an energising, energetic, active peeling.

Then, the skin is wraped in a cleansing face pack while the head and legs are massaging. It ends with the use of a toning moisturizing cream to enhance a visible even and sleek look from the throat down. It starts with an exfoliating peeling, after which the skin is dipped into a natural or vegetable spa to calm the sebum.

LUXURY aromatic therapy with your selected ethereal oil follows the bathroom. Expand your recovery with one of our improvements or enhance the benefit of your session with one of our updates without taking extra inconvenience. You can book updates and extensions with selected massages and physical therapies. A concentrated care for the legs with a sugary peeling that uses the moisturizing properties of sunflowers, followed by an active peeling with biological peeling agents and a refreshing Ayurvedic root rub.

Gentle peeling of the epidermis while enhancing the antioxidative power of the strawberry. This is a one-of-a-kind beauty management solution, our facials are fully customisable and tailored to your needs. If you are dealing with sensibility, pink, dehydration, akne or the fight against the visual symptoms of ageing, our beauticians will create a special program of treatments and treatments for you.

Tailor-made to meet all your essential needs for your complexion, this includes cleaning, peeling, extraction, face masks and a relaxation head, back and shoulders area. Enhance the benefit of our 50-minute face session by choosing any upgrades, a relaxed foothold and face massages, and a neckline session.

Unique anti-aging therapy that combines ultrasonic and microflow technology with vegetable stems and powerful hormones.

Moisturizing Lip Care - An exfoliating face cream and moisturizing balsam are used to hydrate cracked and dehydrated limbs. Hand- and Arm Peeling (only 80 minutes) - A vertical peeling makes the hand and arm softer during your 80-minute use. The Knesko Lip Respirator - Lip Respirator for deeper lip line. Kneesko Radiance Knesko Radiance Hood - The Radiance Hood fights ageing by using a mixture of powdered diamonds to peel and lighten the complexion.

Kneesko Nano Gold Fix Mask - The Nano Gold Fix Mask tightens, tones and cares for dry skins by melting nano-gold, sea-colloages, elastine, hyaluronan, and sebum. This series of bio-skincare products is specially adapted to the special properties of men's skins. A very special type of massages is integrated into this relaxation facial.

Antinflammatory extract of artichoke and stimulant salvia oil is used in combination with a tight compressive treatment that stimulates the sense, stimulates blood flow and alleviates sore muscles and joint problems. All pedicures include a lower limb treatment with hot hand cloths and a Paraffina on. A moisturizing menicure that blends together vitamine as well as sheabutter and a wax treatment to nurture and revitalise fatigued skin.

Begin this voyage of regeneration, equilibrium and harmonious relaxation with an energizing peeling, followed by a side-by-side massages with curative pearl buds while singing to the sounds of the outdoors. US Indians used plant cures to purify and cure the human organism long before the arrival of man-made drugs. A relaxing and revitalizing voyage that begins with a hot, ever-green ethereal bath that relaxes the mind and opens the lung.

This is followed by a full-face peeling with a high content of camomile and joioba oils to care for and calm the complexion. The invigorating treatment ends with a calming massaging with pinewood and salvia to relax the musculature and joint. Start with a refreshing glass of herb infusion and then dip into a deeply bathed bathtub full of a luxury, frothy saline bathtub with salvia and peppermint.

A hot rock massages calms your soul and your whole being before it ends with an energizing minty feet treatment. The following combination of treatments are recommended to stimulate your heart and soul. A 50 minutes facial and a 50 minutes Oneida Custom Massages. You can choose between a 50-minute spa treatment or a customized pedicure.

A 50 minute face treatment, a 50 minute Oneida custom massage and a seasonal manicure and pedicure. Balancing Water's gradual ritual moves are supposed to be soothing, but also inspiring for the circulation and the CNS. Therapeutical equilibrium of the drinking air comprises the alternating application of heat and cold treatment as well as vapour bathes and inhalations.

Have a Balancing Waters ritual performed 40 to 50 mins prior to your spa session. Stage 2 - Cold bath 1 to 2 minutesThe cold bath will bring the blood flow and vitality down again. Stage 4 - Cold bath 1 to 2 minutesThe cold bath will bring the blood flow and vitality down again.

Stage 5 - Whirlpool 5 to 10 minutesHirlpool circulating water is restful, relaxes and increases blood flow and calms the nerve system. Relaxation Room 10 minutes or longer A relaxed setting to nourish your bodies while you are drifting off during your personal break and waiting for your spa practitioner to welcome you.

Reducing stress and increasing blood flow allows you to take better advantage of your spa sessions. Kindly note the high thermal retreatment indications of vapour bath, saunas and whirlpools.

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