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Explore the endless treasures the state of New York has to offer. Dive into the many world-famous museums and cultural institutions of the state of New York and celebrate our proud history on the way through history. Path, it is just a copy of the basic travel guides from the hinterland.

New York Trip: The Niagara Falls...What then? - New York Forum

New York Trip: I' m planning a journey to Niagara Falls and Upstate New York. Well, I want to spend at least 2-3 nights at Niagara Falls. But after Niagara Falls, where should I go? Initially I thought of the Finger Lakes around Ithaca or Watkins Glen.

So should I go to Ithaca or Lake Placid? It is clear to me that Lake Placid is about six hours by car from Niagara Falls and not from Ithaca, which is about half of it. The Finger Lakes just don't ring as spectral as the Adirondacks. New York Trip: Or Niagara Falls.... What then?

You going to the other side of the falls or to the US? It seems to me, 2-3 working nights is a great deal of work to do there..... Perhaps end a full working year there and 2 in Ithaca to see some astonishing canyons. The Adirondacks I love, and they are certainly more grandiose and lofty than the Finger Lakes region.

So if it was my option, I would probably be spending 2 a day on the falls (much better IMO) side of Canada, driving down to the Ithaca area and spending 2 a day, then driving to the Adirondacks and spending the remainder of my in there. New York Trip: Or Niagara Falls.... What then? Most of the ettrations I wanted to see at Niagara Falls are actually on the New York side.

However I want to go over to Canada to get the other side of the events you can't get in New York. Here's how my Niagara program works: So how long should I stay in Niagara falls for this route? New York Trip: Or Niagara Falls.... What then? Fingers Lakes Area Suggestions: Hiking: Museums/Others:

I' d stick to Saranac Lake or any other city above Lake Placid if you really want the Adirondack adventure. New York Trip: Well, I've been to the northern forests of Main, through the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont, and even through Lake George, NY, but I never got further into the Adirondacks than that.

I' ve travelled the east part of New York, back from Maine many time. In addition, the area of the Fingerseen brings me much nearer to my home and is much less motoring. Although the Adirondacks are located in NYS, they are not at all suitable for Niagara Falls. New York Trip:

Or Niagara Falls.... What then? New York Trip: Or Niagara Falls.... What then? New York Trip: Then what? both areas have sandy beach ponds, pick nick areas, museum, walking paths and naturalistic walk. New York Trip: Or Niagara Falls.... What then?

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