Upstate new York Scenery

New York Upstate Landscape

Landscape rides through covered bridges in the Catskills of New York. A lot of tourists come to the area because of the beautiful landscape and the outdoor activities. The Upstate NY is breathtaking during the peak of the New York autumn holiday season. Wonderful landscape photography in the hinterland of New York and Adirondack. New York Upstate offers breathtaking scenery, here are three road trips you need to make:

19th best view in Upstate NY: Mountains, cascades, historical sites, more

Upstate New York has an embarrassing wealth when it comes to glory. There are 19 of the best prospects in Empire State. It was the house where President Ulysses S. Grant lived his last few week before he died of laryngeal cancers. From the Adirondacks over the Empire State Plaza in Albany to the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Saratoga Battlefield.

This is one of the best prospects in Upstate. There is a mark on the spot where President Grant took a last look at his hut before he returned to his death. An unparalleled glimpse of the Hudson River more than 200 ft below you. Shipwrecks, the steeples in the small villages, the tree-lined hills around you, the powerful Hudson that disappears into the sky to the northern and southern horizons, are perhaps the state's most spectacular observation deck.

It is the longest footbridge in the whole wide range of almost 7,000ft. It is one of the most enigmatic and scenic places in Upstate. These cliffs were shaped by century-long winds from Lake Ontario, which carries the sandy and loam dune higher and higher, until they become a lunar landscape of the Twilight Zone that does not exist in this state.

The cliffs are reached by two routes, one high above and the other along the cliffy lake shore. Several of these "sand towers" have a height of 150ft. Due to the secluded and forbidden natural environment of the Chimney Blinfs, it is said that Chinese traffickers have made it a popular place to smuggle alcohol into the United States during prohibition.

This is one of the many wonderful light houses that characterize the Upstate New York area. It is a wonderful place to admire Upstate's own "sea view". Here the sea is clear and chilly, its little blues are dominated by the almost constantly small snow-cap. You can also take a deckchairs, a picknick and take in the panoramic sight of the Eriesee.

You can even go up to the light house and get an even better view of the ship's activities on the moor.

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