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New York Nature

Nice photos of this natural wonder on the shores of Lake Ontario. It is a remarkable waterfall with a natural gas flame. Upstate' natural resources are essential to New York City for a variety of services, including the city's water supply and electricity. New York's Upstate is rich in mountains, forests, waterfalls, state parks, nature reserves, protected areas and nature reserves. Discover the wonders of western New York.

Hiking, Cycling, Outdoor Activities in New York

Featuring a million hectares of pristine wildlife and more than 2,000 kilometers of walking and cycling paths, New York State is a nature lover's haven. Adirondack is in fact the biggest out of Alaska with more than 6.2 million hectares. Throughout the state, you will enjoy wonderful scenery and stunning vistas, such as the gorges in the vast Finger Lakes area.

However, nature's poesy does not end here. Attempt to observe birds while travelling through a nature reserve such as the Iroquois National Wild-life Refuge, or picnic in a nature reserve. Cruise along the Allegany State Park lakes or enjoy the picturesque views from a mountaintop. Explore the caves of a billion-year-old cavern at the Natural Stone Bridge.

When you' re looking for Mother Nature, look no further - it's clear she likes New York! Look below to find more places to discover New York's nature!

Upstate NY Nature Wonders: 12 lesser-known miracles you need to see to believe.

Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park is home to a wonderful collection of cascaded bride fog drops that fall over a row of rocks and slates to form a splash of waters on Eternal Flamehill. In this cave you can see a flaring flames lit by a small internal cupola of NG.

It is relatively simple, but when you get to the top of the path you will find yourself over 600 feet above the luxuriant Schoharie valley. It is difficult even for the most pedestrian traveller to describe these extraterrestrial towers of sands on the shores of Lake Ontario in words. Hit and shaken by century-long winds, snows, rains and swells, these uncanny towers of sandy and loam can rise up to 150 feet into the outdoors.

It is a state reserve, so there are parks such as pick nick areas, toilets, historic information and car parks. Hiking paths provide two ways to experience this unique Upstate wonder of nature. The first path leads from above to the cliffs, the second one allows you to access them from the coast.

There is John Boyd Thacher State Park, with camp sites, picnic areas and over 25 miles of walking and biking tracks. Stroll the famed lndian Ladder Trail, a walking haven. There is a wood path clinging to the side of the rock. There are two small falls, so be prepared to get a little soaked.

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