Upstate new York Estates

New York Estates

You can always choose from a wide range of luxurious Upstate New York Real Estate. Great wealth on the Rockerfeller's Kykuit estate in Sleepy Hollow. The New York Private Estate Wedding Venues: Receive detailed information, prices and photos for private wedding locations in NY. Here Shand Realty is to help you find the perfect home in the hinterland of New York.

Visiting 4 magnificent historic houses in Upstate New York

With the help of employees who can even put themselves into historical costumes, Upstate New York has sumptuous, ancient and extremely intriguing textures that will take you back in time. The Historic Huguenot Road, whose roots date back to 1678, retains the group' s cultural heritage, which has established itself in the Hudson Valley in search of spiritual liberty and the wilderness.

The 10-hectare National Historic Landmark District offers seven historical stonehouses, a restored temple, exhibitions, a research archive, a cemetery and much more. Customise your event by selecting between indoor and outdoor visits, historical costumed translators and presentations. Rates begin at $8, 1 hour by road or Metro North to Tarrytown and a taxi from Brooklyn.

Skirt like the Rockerfellers on the luxury, spacious, six-storey Kykuit estat. The National Trust for History Preservation's historical site is over a hundred years old and offers stunning architectural styles, beautiful backyards, arts, history and more. Visitors rates range from $15 for members to $40.

From Brooklyn: 1 hr by road or Metro North to Tarrytown and take a taxi. Botswana opens on April 1st and entry starts at $11. 1hr 15 minute drive from Brooklyn or by Metro North to Cold Spring and 1.5 mile by Cold Spring Trolley, taxi or on foot.

Shepherds' settlement in Upstate New York

SEDIGREE: In 1990, this Greek revival colonial from the nineteenth centuary was moved 40 leagues from its originally abandoned New York hinterland to its present site on a beautiful 197-acre site. Linley Haus (AD, October 1997), the exceptional mansion, has recently been completely renovated. There are two lakes, wild flower fields, a swimming pool, a football pitch, a coachman' s cottage and several sheds.

To move the home, the initial structure was disassembled one by one; each part was renumbered so that the home could be rebuilt to perfection.

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