Upper Hudson River Valley

The Upper Hudson River Valley

Normally the region is divided into the lower, middle and upper valleys. Explore what makes Hudson Valley, NY a great place. Former consumption of chocolate in the Upper Hudson Valley. Bubbles of Reputation and its effects on an embryonic rift system in the Upper Hudson River Valley. Operates the upper parts of the valley.

Upper Hudson Valley Activities

These large farms are also part of the structure of the Upper Hudson Valley, the region's pasoral part. Much of the scenery was simply beautiful, perfectly complementing the Hudson River Painter and Shaker schools, which founded one of their biggest municipalities in the area just south of Hudson, near Chatham; today there is an outstanding collection of museums and a collection of Shaker heritage in this part of the valley.

Revitalising cities in this once great and later run-down area was a battle, but has now established itself in several communities along the Upper Hudson. Most famous is the small town of Hudson, which has burst as an artistic and antique holiday resort, but the small and modest Tivoli, hidden on the eastern banks of the river, has evolved its own vibrant gastronomic world.

The Hudson River Valley | Activities

For the Hudson River Ramble, we offer a visit to the historical site of Lyndhurst, a Gothic Revival work with a view of the Hudson River. This site mirrors almost 175 years of Hudson River living, with 67 park-like acre buildings including a Lord & Burnham steel-framed glasshouse and the oldest bowl court in the United States.

Lyndhurst's splendid complex includes an award-winning rosarium, a ferns field, a rockery, solitary shrubs, the lime tree after which the estate was given its name, and stunning vistas of the Hudson River. Discover 156-acre Brinton Brook Audubon Sanctuary with a view of the Hudson River in Croton-on- Hudson with Saw Mill River Audubon.

Two hours relaxing natural walking tour with the option of a 1. Excursion of 5 hours to the highest point in Croton on the Highland Trail des Village. The 175-year-old Croton Aqueduct leads to the summit of Croton Dam. You will learn about the story and the building of the aqueduct and the special characteristics of the Croton dam, the starting point of the aqueduct.

This aqueduct was finished in 1842 to provide New York City with fresh air. Tours of the shed, the glasshouse and the Hart's Brook Preserve foremen' garden. Discover the interesting story of Hart's Brook and Preserve. With a Greenburgh Parks & Recreation Parks employee, discover one of the forest paths.

León Shernoff, a distinguished mycoologist and publisher of the Mushrooming Journal of Game Mushrooming, will take a stroll to find and spot forest fungus and debate the roles of fungus in eco-systems. Free car parks are available on the road and at the Croton Landing car parks. You CANNOT use the Croton Yacht Club.

In The Legend of Sleepy Hollow we follow the traces of Washington's most renowned figure - Ichabod Crane - on his way to the author's last rest place. We' ll also go into the 117-year-old reception vaults of the graveyard, see a revolutionary war memorial, see rich industry and marvel at the beautiful arts and arquitecture of the area.

crowd: crowd: crowd: bird walk: The North County Trailway. The Bedford Audubon Society's naturalist Tait Johansson will guide a naturalist stroll focusing on migrating wildlife near the climax of the autumn trek. Meeting point at the car park at the crossroads of Trailway and Route 118 in Yorktown. The Camp Smith Trail to Anthony's Nose, which runs alongside the Hudson River, provides stunning vistas that make this demanding trek with its many altitude gain and loss worthwhile.

Part of the walk is maintained by Fred and Connie Stern, who are members of the New York-New Jersey Track Conference. Coming from the eastern side of the Bear Mountain Brigde, drive northbound on Route 9D and leave your car on the river side just above the Brigde. From the Toll House carport, we start the walk along the Camp Smith and Appalachian Trails to Route 9D.

Head northwards on the aqueduct and see the architectonic sights, which include the skeleton remnants of a Lord & Burnham Greenhouse. Enjoy the wide view of the Hudson River. Discover the story of the Old Croton aqueduct. The Philipse Manor Hall and inner city of Yorkers were formed by the Saw Mill River.

The hike follows the Saw Mill, or Nepperhan, River from its estuary at the Hudson to Chicken Island. Walk with our natural scientist Jim Nordgren through the Leon Levy Reserve. The holy rooms and peaceful places are a two-hour walk through the interiors of some of the historic and architectural significant Gothic churches of the nineteenth centuries, such as the First Baptist Cathedral, the First Presbyterian Orthodox Cathedral, the Ossining Methodist, the Holy Bishop and others, housed in the " Museum in the streets of the historic part of the village.

Guests can see Greeley's second home in Chappaqua (now a museum), see Greeley artefacts and artefacts, and take a walk around its historical former farmstead. Come to a renowned privately owned gardens in North Salem and let yourself be inspired for your own property. An unforgettable experience on the shores of the inspiring lying Hudson River.

Lyndhurst and the National Trust for Historic Preservation www.artrider.com. Team up with a Teacher at Theatre Town to see some of Teatown's ambassadors, then go to the river to look for wandering Raphtors. Former Sylvan Glen Park Preserve stone pits provided honey-colored granites for access to the George Washington and Whitestone Bridge.

Link Walt and Jane Daniels on a 2. 5-mile trek to explore stone pits and the 18-foot perimeter Quarry Oak. The trek takes place in all weathers. Accompany Senator David Carlucci and members of the Teatown Lake Reservation on a trek through Teatown. Walkers will have the chance to see many of the treasures of nature in Teatown and will be informed about the plants and animals identified, the ecology and many of the Hudson Valley's wonderful features.

Walkers gather at the car park. Watch a brief historical movie about the 175-year-old Old Croton Aqueduct. Stroll to the nearest dam and dismount into the pristine 1842 brickwater channel that supplied New York with rain. There is free car park on Westerly Road and in the Shattemuc Yacht Club car park.

DON'T use the Boathouse Restaurant car parks or squares with signage indicating the Boathouse Restaurant car parks. You can meet in the Crompond Primary School car-parking. Take a picturesque Hudson Highlands tour starting from Riverfront Green Bay in ancient Peekskill. The sightseeing tour takes about 3 hrs and contains a brief history comment while we drive to West Point and back.

Accompany the staff and directors of Westchester Land Trust on an inspirational stroll along the natural paths that meander through the WLT Flag Reservation: Westchester Wilderness Walkway / Zofnass Family Reserve. Walkers should meet at 259 Upper Shad Road trail head. Each hike starts and ends at the Upper Shad Road trail head.

Accompany David Steinberg, the writer of "Hiking the Road to Ruins", on a full discovery of all historical places with the nature reserve: dynamic shed, mystical rock cave, rock pit, railway beds and much more. In the 1920s, the trip will shed light on various facets of America's Most Spectacular Garden.

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