Upper East side new York Map

New York Upper East Side Map

Receive directions, reports and information for Upper East Side, NY in New York, NY. Ober East Side New York map will make trips in and around the area. Upper East Side is one of the wealthiest areas of NYC. Download Upper East Side NY Free Map Guide.

Ober East Side New York City Attractions Map

Locate New York City Upper East Side attractions: New York's luxurious Upper East Side is the definitive. It' situated north of 59th and east of Central Park. Some of the rides on the Upper East Side include: Mile, Musée Guggenheim, Whitney Museum of American Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design, Frick Collection, das Jewish Museum und das City of New York Museum.

The map page provides direct access to our NYC rides by clicking on the name of the rides on the map. The site also includes a list of the NYC district where the site is situated and provides a link to other sites in the same area.

New York, NY Neighborhood

Upper East Side is a district of Manhattan in New York City, between Central Park and the East River. Situated in an area bordered by East River from East Street to Fifth Avenue-Central Park and East Street to 96-th Street. Postal code in this neighbourhood are 10021, 10022, 10028, 10075, 10128, 10029 and 10065.

Before the Europeans arrived, it is believed that the estuaries of the brooks that were eroding the gorges of the East River were used by the Lenape, whose controled burning once per generations kept the thick baldachin of the oaks and hickories open at floor-height.

Ober East Side | New York City maps

There is no doubt that this area is one of the wealthiest in New York City. On the Upper East Side you will find chic townhouses, stylish homes and several famous musees. For more information about the Upper East Side click here. Click on the link below to view a map of the New York region you are interested in.

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