Unique Wedding Venues

A unique wedding venue

This is the most unusual and unique wedding variety. Bath's Historical Places - Somerset. Whether a beach house on the coast or a hidden wedding in the forest - our collection of unique and alternative wedding locations will inspire you. Exceptional wedding, dinner and event venues in Edinburgh and the UK. Let yourself be inspired by the unique historical locations available for your event.

Unique and unique wedding locations

To find the right place to say: "I want" can be so difficult, especially if you are looking for an extraordinary wedding place that has something really unique about it. For your convenience, we have compiled our selection of the most extraordinary wedding venues so that you can click through some breathtaking venues and find a unique wedding setting that is ideal for you and your mate.

You can be sure you'll like at least one - no matter how picky you are! Which makes it unique: Which makes it unique: Which makes it unique: Which makes it unique: Which makes it unique: Which makes it unique: With the fog and flickering vapor that flickers through the romance, this place really is a charming place to get wed.

View more of Bath's Historic Venues. Which makes it unique: In 1877, the band is situated in the center of Cardiff and houses a fairytale tower that takes the group upstairs. Accentuated by the chandelier and arc window, we enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in which this place is situated, and we enjoy the genuine band window.

Which makes it unique: The most unbelievable view of the sea and this unique wedding location is also completely isolated. Which makes it unique: You can also spend the post-wedding nights in nine unique ways, from an overnight stop at the historical hotels to a stop at the Tiger Lodge..... Which makes it unique:

It' a truly magic wedding backdrop - take your patrons to Alnwick Garden, an enchanting fairytale country before partying at Alnwick Garden Treehouse. They will never want to go! Which makes it unique: The Carlton Towers, for example, is fabulous gothically in design with a luxury interiors that is sure to delight your reception.

Its impressive appearance is the ideal setting for your wedding photos, and your wedding party will be fighting over who can sleep in one of the 16 breathtaking rooms. Which makes it unique: A classy wedding location that offers everything. Which makes it unique: Which makes it unique: In 1531 King Henry VIII had his three-day wedding here.

The 600-year-old, historical wedding location has an enchanting and enchanting ambiance. Which makes it unique: This 250 hectare property offers the possibility of holding marriages in tents, tepees, yurtas and even in its own country-style shed. Which makes it unique: Situated in the centre of London, The Fable is a place that has been short-listed for several prestigious wedding photo designs - proof of how great this room is for your wedding photos.

There are no bounds with the possibility to receive up to 1,000 people. Which makes it unique: This large greenhouse offers you a unique and contemporary room where you can take your profession. You and your customers will never be forgotten. Which makes it unique:

A stunning palace in the centre of London! Besides its unusual position in the centre, Severndroog has another unique feature. This whole place has room for only 55 people, which makes it extraordinarily private for a palace wedding - one of the reason why we really like it.

It' s completely uncommon and has a nice goth-look, which has the whole tragedy with it. Which makes it unique: Which makes it unique: When interesting and unforgettable wedding photograph is something high on your priority lists, you will definitely enjoy what The George Vaults has to boast. Have you ever seen someone in a treehouse get remarried?

Well, this extraordinary wedding location is really something else. Tree Top Escape is a delightful hiding place overland, encircled by gentle hills and breathtaking outlooks. Which makes it unique: The Everyman Screen on the Green is situated in a fashionable place in the north of London and offers space for a wedding of up to 200 souls.

Which makes it unique: That breathtaking ditch that encircles him. For us, the location itself is a 26-hectare manor house set on a 26-hectare large sea - that's what gives it the win-win situation. It is a truly magic framework that will turn your wedding anniversary into the dream you've always dreamed of. Which makes it unique:

Well, getting remarried at the London Eye would be quite unique, wouldn't it? Which makes it unique: Liverpool's Rum Warehouse at the Titanic Hotel is the place to be if you are fond of industry. Enormous window, metallic frame and visible brickwork provide a perfectly empty screen, which is very classy.

Which makes it unique: Ticehurst is a very different wedding location. Which makes it unique: For a fabulous wedding that doesn't seem too cute, take a look at the Mediterranean castle in Northumberland. A wonderfully bizarre wedding location that looks as if it comes directly from a refined storytelling, making it the ideal backdrop for a happier life after the wedding.

Which makes it unique: It is a world-famous lake fortress that has been turned into a unique and completely out-of-the-way wedding site. Harvest Moon is one of the places that really transcends the limits of a "typical" wedding celebration. How many can say that they got remarried in a wind mill?

With its magical atmosphere, the Cley Winmill distinguishes it from other venues. It is astonishing how unique the mill itself is, let alone the beautiful countryside that surrounds it. Which makes it unique: Located in London, this landmarked edifice is a wedding site with an alternate flair and survives the bombing of the Second World War.

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