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The book is sent directly to all members of the chamber and 10,000 pieces are handed out at highly frequented places in the entire area. This chamber guide contains essays about our unparalleled living standards, art and cultural heritage, and the many prominent companies and organisations in the Ulster County area. This guide also contains a full list of all our members, in alphabetical order and by categories.

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County Ulster County recyclingmodification could beat Kingston taxpayer high, says Mayor

KINGSTON, N.Y. >> When the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency ceases to accept single-stream recovery, Kingston tax payers will be paying significantly more to maintain the practices in the town, Mayor Steve Noble said on Monday. Mr Noble said the town would probably need to make enhancements to its Route 32 handover point and recruit more Department of Public Works (DPW) staff to take recyclable materials to the point rather than directly to the Resource Recovery Agency.

It would also have to find a new place to transport the collected recyclable materials. Mr President, the deputy major said that the possible additional costs for the taxpayer have not been found out. "We still don't have a budget estimate of how much this transformation would be costing the town, but it would probably be significant," he said.

Nobler said he is planning to talk about the affair a resources recovery agent General Public hearing scheduled for June 5 p. m. June 14 at Ulster County Office Building, 244 Fair St., Kingston. "I am encouraging people who are worried about this transfer of responsibilities from the district authority to the city's tax payers to come out and raise their concerns," said Mr Sele.

In April, the Resource Recovery Agency said it was expected to stop receiving reusable waste as of January 1, 2019 and will raise its charges for receiving individual shipments until the new directive comes into force. Singlestream recyclability enables inhabitants to collect all reusable material - papers, paperboard, glass, metals and plastics - in a unique container.

Local authorities and privately owned carriers in Ulster County usually deliver the collected recyclable material to the Resource Recovery Agent. However, the company says it is hard to get individual power supplies off because some of the material is polluted. Ending the practices of assuming single-stream recycling was suggested after resource recovery agency officers said the $20 per metric tons that the company bills to assume mixed cargo will only cover about a third of the agency's waste management costs.

The two assembly points in the area have also been recently shut down and there are concerns that the rest of the facilities in Beacon will no longer accept mixed cargoes.

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