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Cooperative Extension Ulster County. In the winter months there are ski packages, snowshoe hikes and cross-country ski trails are only a short drive away. It's the biggest attraction of its kind in the northeast! Chosen by TripAdvisor as one of the top attractions in Belfast, Crumlin Road Gaol is a sight to behold. The County Down is one of six counties that make up Northern Ireland in the north-east of the island of Ireland.

The breathtaking scenery once had an important part to play in the region's economic development. Nowadays, its forests and brooks provide excellent possibilities for connecting with the natural environment.

Nowadays, its forests and brooks provide great possibilities to combine with the outdoors. GLASCO, Ulster County (149 acres)-Falling Waters Preserve is an ideal place to discover the rough beauties of the Hudson and hike on cliffs that drop steeply into the waters as they sometimes descend to the shore. As you walk to (or from) the kilometre-long path that surrounds the stream, you will come across other natural gems, among them a grassland with magnificent Catskills view and a quaint cascade.

As you follow the path to the icehall, stop and marvel at the second cataract after which Falting Waters is called. Approximately two leagues of diverse hiking paths comprise a dirt track overlooking the Catskills, a coach track that once gave entry to an icehall on the riverbank, and a sidewalk overlooking the Hudson River with spectacular overlooks.

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It' s a good season to discover Belfast's world-class heritage monuments, the city' s lush past, the diverse arts and the 5,000 hectares of park landscape that are transformed into an idyllic coastal line. Situated on the slipway where the boat was erected over 100 years ago, the Titanic Belfast is not just a mere exhibition - it is an adventure. The gleaming interior features nine six-storey galeries reflecting the Titanic as well as a number of exhibits, an underground movie theatre and portal-drives.

It' not a muse, it's an adventure. If you want an authentically flavor of Belfast living, make your way to the refurbished St. George's Merc. Over 150 merchants built stands with everything from antiquities to metalworking - but what folks really come to see on this fair is the cuisine. Stick in some Belfast tummy boomerodles or an Ulster frying pan that will fill you for the whole afternoon, or go to Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory stable, with its tasty fiudge and candy.

Experienced riders provide an instructive historical hour filled with stories of the town' s inherent tradition and the problems it faces. It is also a good way to see the newer mural paintings that animate Belfast and commemorate its contemporary sports and culture icon.

Ulster has wonders everywhere you go, so take the opportunity to indulge yourself. It is adorned with works of Asiatic, American, Indian, American, Indian, American, Indian, American, Indian, American, Indian and even Islamic mummies. These award-winning exhibits provide an insight into global and regional histories and cultures through costumes and fashions, ceramics, furniture and even jewellery.

The Botanical Garden is a brief walk from the Ulster Museum. Constructed in the 16th and 18th centuries by Sir Charles Lanyon - who also created parts of Queen's University - and partly by Richard Turner of Dublin, the Gardens and their decorated cast-iron Palm House are a homage to Belfast in Victoria.

Featuring a series of plant and tree species, such as geraniums, fuchsias, begonias and beech grove plantations from the 1880s, the garden is an iconic urban area. If you are more interested in relaxing than in gardening, there is a play area and a bowl of water in the middle of the 150 year old fern.....

Belfast Town Hall was opened in 1906 and today offers free guided visits. For Belfast residents, the classic Renaissance look of the edifice is a fountain of proudness - and it's not difficult to understand why. There are several monuments on the site, among them the Titanic Memorial Garden in the eastern part, on which there are plates with the name of the 1,512 persons who died on board the dreamboat.

Shut down in 1996 after 150 years, today it houses everything from study trips to marriages to concert venues - not to speak of being one of the most visited places in Belfast. You want to be in the Metropolitan Arts Centre Belfast (MAC) for the arts, theater, arts, dancing and everything in between.

Situated in the cathedral district of Belfast, the self-proclaimed owner of all things shows "strange and wonderful" regional and foreign artworks in three different galeries as well as the permanent present exhibition in the lobby. The Cave Hill Country Park, called after the five caverns along the Belfast Cave, is a beehive of open-air activities: a vast area of hiking and orientation paths, it has its own play area and is only five-minute walk from Belfast Zoo.

Situated in the heart of the oldest part of the city: together with the nineteenth c. Belfast Castle are a pile of stones and crashóg. Cave Hill's skyline itself is said to look like a dormant colossus who protected Belfast and even inspire Jonathan Swift to recreate the nature of Gulliver in Gulliver's journeys.

It is full of historical stories and legend, modern civilization and fine dining. Lawn in theitanic district, a pleasant walk through the port of Belfast..... here are five ways you..... Belfast's music has triggered a great transformation that is still reflected in the town.

There is no better way to take a rest from this Belfast hustle and bustle than to take one of these quiet strolls through the town. Chef at Stix & Stones will tell us about 5 of the best restaurants in Belfast, among them Michelin star restaurants and France cakes. You' ve been reading the book and re-reading the film innumerable occasions and even own some collectors' items from Eduard.

Boost your level of power, because Belfast takes it when it comes to sight-seeing. Superb dining, old-fashioned bars and a fabulous story of the Titic make Belfast a place to enjoy. Have you aroused your interest? You can find all over the island with an airport for your arrival.

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