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Ulster County Historical Society is proud to have the Bevier House Museum as its headquarters. A career in Ulster County can be as much fun as it is satisfying. Ancient LeFevre House, Wallkill River, New Paltz, Ulster County, NY; Contributing Names: We' ve listed the accommodations and services we have in Ulster County, NY below. County Poorhouse.

Early photo.

The Bevier House Museum - Ulster County Historical Society

Ulster County History Society is proud to have the Bevier Museum as its director. In 1935, the Bevier family founded the museum as a gathering room and to accommodate the UCHS-managed collection of historic artefacts. 1715 Louis Bevier acquired the land from the New Paltz patent for his third Son Louis and his Mrs. Maria Hasbrouck.

For the next 223 years, the site was owned by the Bevier dynasty and provided a prosperous agricultural upkeep. It has a long tradition as a home for families and boasts a rich and important selection of artefacts, works of art and heritage.

Becoming more and more important to you: REALTOR

At Ulster County, a realtor can be as much enjoyable as it is rewarding. There has been strong historical interest in homes in the Ulster County and Hudson Valley areas, as many inland areas of New York are less affected by the fall in domestic property prices. Being a REALTOR in Ulster County can be a challenging job, but as with any profession, working and dedicating yourself can bring results, especially in property.

Do the New York state sales rate. Before working as a realtor, prospective buyers must successfully take the necessary 75-hour course in New York, which will cover property laws, policies and guidelines. Classes are taught by New York Association of Realtors in Ulster County and elsewhere in the state.

It is necessary to have an agent in New York when applying for a property licence. Demonstrate to the state that you have a connection with a property company and make sure you have a place to begin your professional life after receiving your property licence.

Take the state examination in New York. Upon completion of the 75 hour course, you must obtain your licence from the State of New York. They can go to the country's website and submit their application on-line. Fulfil the requirements for the state examination. In order to take the state licence examination, you must be at least 18 years old, have a sponsorship mediator, successfully completed the necessary 75-hour course and must not be more than four-month overdue.

There is a $50 examination charge for the test, which is non-refundable if you do not pass the test. After successfully completing the examination you will get your licence from your local computer.

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