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Tourist-attractions of Tulsa

Picture credits: Tulsa Convention & Visitors Bureau. Are you looking for opportunities in Tulsa? Find reviews for Tulsa, OK Family Attractions. View photos of Tulsa, OK attractions and get tips from other families to plan your trip. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, you will find tourist attractions and the best you can do.

Thirteen Tulsa Tourist Attractions and Sights

Coming to Tulsa, Oklahoma, you'll find it's breezy even when it's not the twister time. Deeply rooted in India and with a long tradition in the petroleum business, the town unites the heat of Middle-Western old -world culture with the thrill of a flourishing modern world. Located on Route 66 and the Arkansas River, Tulsa expands the open spaces, attracts top cooks to its collections of imaginative Farm-to-Table dining and keeps the pleasure of a basic darling evening in the historical Dust Bowl Lanes.

A walk-in town with small cafes and restaurants that still offer $1.99 a day for breakfasts. See art-deco architectural design throughout the town - the distinctive Gothic Philtower Building and the BOK Offices Temple that has been designed by the World Trade Center Towers. Be it a stay at the Woody Guthrie Center and Brady Art District, or an Art Deco Segway trip, you will start with a new love for Tulsa.

That part of Route 66 that passes through Tulsa is a pastime that is well deserving of a leisurely ride. On the wall you will find film memories, a railway-inspired setting and homemade Oklahoma cuisine. One of Tulsa's most valuable tourist attractions, the villa was once the 72-room house of Waite Phillips, an olive-grower.

See the perpetual collection of Africa, Europe, America and Asia and the Antiques Museum with a wealth of Egypt's mummified heritage. The best thing you can do during your stay in Tulsa is to stay a few minutes at the Woody Guthrie Center. This Oklahoma native's backdrop and traditional musical interpretations allow you to see some of his own private objects, such as Guthrie's lyric journals and mandolins.

The centre contains an archive of works of art, scripts, photos and works of art about the artists for lovers of his work. The Gilcrease is home to some of the best exploration of the West and Indian Oklahoma past. There are 350,000 historic artefacts in the building, ranging from works of art to potteries and Indian insignia.

In Tulsa you can try your luck at one of the daily courses on offer in the school. When the Tulsa Drillers go onto the pitch in ONEOK Field's city centre, you can experience an exciting night out on the pitch. There' are always great deals and you're sure to have one of the best vistas of Tulsa city centre.

Tulsa Zoo has made great efforts in recent years to upgrade and extend wildlife exhibitions and increase the visitors' enjoyment. This results in an exhilarating new setting that allows you to get nearer to the wildlife in their simulation surroundings than ever before. Tulsa Botanical Garden is one of the most natural and attractive places in the town.

Take your free moment to make a stop at the Visitors Centre, where you can take part in drop-in events. In Tulsa you can spend the night at POSTOAK Lodge & Retreat, located less than a kilometer from the botanical gardens on 1,000 hectares of Osage Hills.

Tulsa Performing Arts Centre consists of four independent theatres and an arts galery. Situated in a half-city district, the edifice is of architectural interest because it was constructed by the famous Minoru Yamasaki, who conceived the former World Trade Cen-tower. It has frequent spokespeople and entertainers in the series, so it is a turntable of great interest and one of the most important things to do in the town.

It may be one of the least time-consuming stopovers on your journey to Tulsa, but the Golden Drill is definitely a must as it has an icons link to the town. Well-established in the petroleum business, Tulsa flourished at a period when drill rigs were as widespread as canteens.

This 76 foot high sculpture of the Golden Drill is an important part of Tulsa's story. It has a flourishing art quarter, which is a very special place. The Cain' s Ballroom is one of the high points of the area. In the entire Brady Art Districts you will find small workshops and stores, among them a glass-blowing workshop, a pastry shop and a theatre for performances.

Brady Arts District is a meeting place for the fellowship and an easy way to enjoy an afternoons or evenings without an itinerary. Tulsa's latest and greatest transformation comes in the end of 2017 with Aathering Place for Tulsa, a 100 hectare town-center area.

It is the outcome of the biggest ever privately-sponsored contribution to a U.S. municipal garden and will change the way visitors are treated in Tulsa's inner area. Whilst Tulsa is a simple town to walk around, a Segway tour is a funny way to see the inner town. The Tulsa Segway offers a tour through the Art Deco District, the Brady Arts District and past the BOK Center and ONEOK-Stadion.

You will also find important information about Tulsa's story on a Segway trip that you will not learn on your own. Riding a sedgeway on the pavements of the town is an added benefit. Tulsa Aerospace Museum is a popular destination for towngoers.

From the beginnings of the smoky hot air ballon to the city's participation in the International space station, the Tulsa Air Show shows the air travel story of Tulsa. There are also a number of exciting things to do, including flightsimulators and a whole room for children to fly in.

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