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The Conquistador Tucson, A Hilton Resort. Fee: $ - $$ El Conquistador Tucson, A Hilton Resort Tucson. Prize: $ - $$$$ - $$$$ Reflections in Buttes Tucson. Tucson Sheraton Hotel and Suites. Locate local wedding venues and wedding receptions in Tucson, Arizona.

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The Mariposa Resort - Weddings & Special Event is a classical wedding location in Tucson, Arizona. We offer wedding event service throughout the region, which includes Phoenix, Nogales and Willcox. Renowned as Tucson's oasis in the desert, the event location has breathtaking mountains vistas and is set in a beautiful gardens at the foot of Mount Santa Catalina, making it an excellent setting for wedding photography.

Facilities and capacity La Mariposa Resort - Weddings & Special Occasions can seat up to 1000 people in its banqueting area. A cloakroom is also available at the event location. Mariposa Resort - Weddings & Special Event provides a home, personal and open spaces for rehearsals.

We offer an eventservice with cakes and events scheduling for weddings and receipts. Kitchen The location provides on-site caterers with a range of local caterers, buffets, starters, desserts, cocktails and more. There are also a wide range of cuisines, among them US, Europe and Mediterranean. It meets specific nutritional needs, among them gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, kosher, pork-free, vegetable and bio.

The Tucson Wedding Location

How do we differ from other venues? Yes, that may sound ridiculous, but these big, nice shrubs and the shadow they offer are quite scarce in southern Arizona! Full daily entrance to the real estate - you can arrive here from 9:30 am, even if your meeting begins at 5:00 pm - enough free space to incorporate all the nice things you have found at Pinterest!

We do not reserve any other activities on YOUR days! We' re amazed at the limits other venues impose on their wedding customers - we're quite adaptable when it comes to bringing your creativity together. ALF is very accessible with DJ, barservice and tables/chairs/linen including AND the possibility to have your own liquor and the catering of your own choise - even if many decide to go "all out" and to organize an expensive meeting here as well (again - flexible!).

I think your patrons will like it here. Fountains, clay haienda with a tiled ceiling, huge poncho mansion might have slumbered under this tree...?), vast mountains beyond pastureland with oxen and horse - Agua Linda has the ideal mix of sophistication and the countryside that is unique in Arizona!

And, especially for visitors outside the city, we are 5 min. away from the small artists' village Tubac, where you can find shops, markets, museum and restaurant. We are only 25 min. from the boarder and the near accommodation is only 5 min. away with enough room for large groups.

This is a uniquely beautiful lush tropical garden in the south of Arizona! They ran the Agua Linda until Arthur Loew, Jr., a Hollywood film maker, purchased the farm in the 1950's. (Among his household customers were Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne, Robert Wagoner and Gene Kelly, to name but a few!

Arthur's sibling Stewart transformed the 63 hectares into an organically farmed vegetables and sold sustainable food to indigenous people. Like most places, we do not restrict your wedding anniversary to a few lessons - the place is yours only! That' s an important distinction from other venues - here you have the opportunity to furnish all the small detail and items that make your event unforgettable.

We' re only 30 min from Tucson (or 25 min from Nogales ), right on I-19. Without a trek out of the way AND out of the hometown, visitors will appreciate the comfortable ride from Tucson International Airport, which is situated at the southern end of Tucson - practically no urban transport from there.

We' re 63 hectares - there are very few venues in the area that can accommodate groups of 200 people or more - we can! A lot of our visitors (especially brides who have already got other kids married) are commenting how little decoration is needed. The wedding package includes a nice wardrobe for the weddinge.

Accommodation is only a few walking steps away from the farms. Apart from our beautiful venue, we are the best place to organize your party. UND we have held so many different activities here - large and small - that we have many different ways to make your particular occasion a success.

We' re there for you on the perfect days of your events and help you to clarify open questions. There are many outside areas to chose from in the location, a bride's cloakroom, a groom's canteen with adjacent chimney, a swimming pools lodge hotel with chimney, up to 4 baths for your guest, sufficient car park and a sitting area at the swimming pools for the drinks and cocktails part.

Our in-house DJ will mix your wedding, perform your ceremonies, perform your ceremonies to your heart's content, perform cocktails, dinners and dances, and offer MC-games. The wedding pack also includes our cash caterer. As we cannot offer alcoholic beverages for sale, we cannot calculate per beverage - this is usually an enormous saving for you in comparison to other event locations!

Did you dream of a wedding on a farmyard, a summer outdoor shower or a meeting where it is herbaceous, lush with huge shady cacti? Looking for a wedding and venues in southern Arizona or Tucson?

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