Trip a Day Giveaway

Giveaway Trip a Day

Trip-A-Day Giveaway is provided by the San Diego County Credit Union. Every day in April we are giving away an incredible trip. Win a trip to Las Vegas, Mexico or maybe a Caribbean cruise! The official rules govern competition. Become a member of the'At-Work Network' and win our Trip-A-Day Giveaway.

Giveaway Trip A Day

Every day in April we are giving away an unbelievable trip. Just make your reservation here on TripAdvisor.* Good-Life! Each day for the months of April, one happy traveller wins a $1,500 trip on TripAdvisor. Do you have a trip you would like to make? A happy recipient will be awarded a $15,000 trip on TripAdvisor.

Trip-A-Day Giveaway is currently open to persons residing in Canada (except Quebec), South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore.

Journey per day Giveaway

Conditions of participation: This award will be given as part of the forthcoming promotion competition with The Beat 92. Five "Trip a Day Giveaway." The trip must be concluded from 1 November to 20 December 2017 and from 1 May to 20 December 2018. The award is not transferrable or convertible for money.

There will be no renewal after the expiry of the award. The price is invalid if the price is not paid. After confirmation of the date of the trip, rebooking is no longer possible. Winners and guests must be travelling together on the same route. The award must be considered to have been made. Profits may not be resold, converted into currency, not transferred, no replacements or renewals allowed.

You may not use the award for the Aeroplan Miles Earning Programme or any other high flier programme. Rooms and rooms are dependent on room occupancy and the chosen darkening time. Bookings are for a fee and may not be available, even if rooms and/or room rates are available on the brand-specific website or through another tour operator.

The Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to move any certified award winners from their chosen location to another location within our network, subject to available secure seating for the trip. Every award recipient and his/her accompanying person are exclusively liable for all charges not explicitly described here, except, but not limited to all charges for flights and departures - in-flight catering, drinks, headset, in-flight entertainment, seating options, extra baggage, floor transport, tips, extra trips, goods, phone conversations, insurances and all necessary travelling documents, all types and types of person-to-person expense, extra food, drinks and all relevant accommodations.

The winning participant and his/her guide are also responsible for obtaining all necessary documentation, possibly with passport and visa, and for complying with all custom and entry requirements. We recommend that the winning participant and his/her guide take out adequate individual cover before leaving.

Flights are subject to alteration without prior notification or forfeiture. The winner and his/her accompanying person are also exclusively liable for all expenses arising from the creation and termination of the prize at the place of departure. The winner and his/her tour guide(s) are exclusively liable for obtaining all necessary documents for the journey, together with the relevant passports.

Winners and their tour guides will forego any use of the competition organiser if the service provided was not to the winners' complete satisfaction. 2. Organisers of the competition have the right, in their own judgement, to change a venue or accommodation for a price of the same or higher value if the main award, as described above, cannot be given for any at all.

Winners will be selected from all those who took part in the competition, as described in section 2. Once the competition has been completed, the organisers will try to call the prospective prize winners within five (5) workingdays from the drawing date.

To be eligible to enter a winning entry, the prospective contestant must enter a correct codeword and, before winning the award, must subscribe to a statement and review, fully comprehend and accept the competition rules and regulations, issue all authorizations under the competition rules, authorize the organisers of the competition to use their name, adress, vote and photo in adverts and other announcements and/or for information, conversation and publishing in the press, without fees or reimbursement of any kind;

He/she accept the award as having been given and release the competition organisers from any responsibility for the award's use. In the event that the Prospective Contest Participant fails to enter a qualification, cannot be contact by the contest organizers within five (5) working day of the drawing, does not properly enter the "code word" within the boundaries of the contest, the Prospective Contestant may be disqualified and a new Prospective Contest Participant may be drawn, and sponsors of the contest will be fully indemnified from any liabiliaity in respect of such violations.

Winners' names will be broadcasted on COGECO Media's channels, on our websites, on our Facebook pages and on our community sites. Prizes must be approved, are non-transferable and cannot be cashed in, if the trip or part of the trip is not used, no reimbursement will be given to the winners, the prizes cannot be resold, changed or swapped.

Terms and conditons for the use of the trip depend on the prize donors. m. Organizers and judges are not liable for theft, lost entry or personal or computer error in the award. All persons taking part in the competition undertake to respect the official competition rules and the judgments of the authorised representatives, which are final and mandatory in all aspects.

Disputes concerning the organisation or organisation of an advertising competition may be referred to the Régie des alkools, rays et des juix for settlement. The Régie can only settle a disagreement over the award of a price for the purposes of intervention.

Organisers of the competition have the right, in their own judgement, to annul, end, modify or discontinue all or part of this competition if a computer program is found to contain a computer program or a" bug", an unauthorised person or any other reason beyond the organisers' reasonable authority which could interfere with the management, safety, fairness or regular operation of the competition, provided that the alcohol rationale, the Quebec events and matches, if any, are approved.

The competition is governed by all relevant national, state and local laws and standards. Winners are not entitled to participate in another competition at any of Cogeco Media's locations for a one-year term after the date of attainment.

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