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City of Hudson

This is the official website of the city of Hudson, NH, USA. The Hudson lies on the eastern bank of the Merrimack River. Well, welcome to Hudson City. Many thanks for visiting the Hudson City website. City of Hudson, New Hampshire.

Municipal Departments

The aim of the division is to value all properties at full, reasonable present value. Hudson BOH's Mission is to improve people's lives by preventing and controlling illnesses and injuries. It is the task of the civil engineering division to guarantee a secure minimal level of execution of the work by administering and enforcing the various state laws.

Enforcing our zonation and preservation regulations, which serves as a means of ensuring the proper evolution and preservation of the nature of the Societas. Four "core" design components are dealt with by the Department of Communities Development: He is the city's Chief Tax and Administration Officer and as such is in charge of managing and coordinating most municipal divisions, civil servants, committees and committees.

Treasury consists of accounting, tax assessment, treasurer and tax collectors. Maintains the lives, properties and environments of the communities through fire, health emergencies and other dangerous situations, as well as by providing information, managing codes and taking contingency measures. Geographical Information System (GIS) is a computer-aided system for creating and maintaining the geodata of the city.

It is used to analyze and map the city' s physics. Cards of available information can be prepared and made available to various divisions, bodies and commissions. expert cards, constituencies, city plans, historical districts, etc. Install, maintain and update computer equipment complete with computer equipment and softwares, provide computer and networking assistance to many municipalities, ensure the security of city information, maintain the city grid locally and citywide, connect to various technology providers, and include the city's ISP, telecommunications companies, computer and peripherals manufactures.

Collect, conserve and manage information in various forms; meet the education and leisure needs of the fellowship; support and inspire the dissemination of information, support educated citizenry and enhance individual life and offer all individuals the opportunities and means for life-long education.

Hudson Light and Powers Department supplies all Hudson and Stow and parts of the local authorities with dependable, energy efficiently and cost-effectively. "The Hudson Police Department's task is to work in harmony with all members of the fellowship to provide a safer and safer place where race identity, fair play, integrity as well as professionality are paramount.

Hudson's Department of Public Works is in charge of offering a wide range of public relations activities to Hudson's people. There are five business areas for these services: Government; parks/cemeteries/forestry; roads; water and sanitation. The selectmen, as the highest executive committee selected, are the most important political decision-makers in the city.

It is our missions to evaluate the needs of our seniors by developing and developing programmes, supporting them, enlightening them and supporting them by the Federation, the Länder, cities, governmental and non-governmental organisations and individual persons in order to fulfil these needs. In addition, the city council office takes care of the people' s count, electoral process, election and issue a number of licences and certifications.

Offers veteran service and advantages.

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