Touring the Hudson Valley

Tour of the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Bucket List is a boutique tour operator that offers the perfect opportunity to explore the region. The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival in Boscobel and the Caramoor Summer Music Festival are iconic garden events. Hudson Valley is located on an airy two mile train ride from the Big Apple and offers many great things to eat, see and enjoy. Enjoy our tasting tours in beautiful Hudson Valley, a short detour north of New York City and full of places ready to be explored. The most beautiful, most beautiful and most historic view of the Hudson Valley is by boat to the Hudson itself.


Schedule your getaways to Hudson Valley. In April our open air trips start with new places to discover and enjoy. Think of WINE, SAVORY TOUCHINGS, the small cities in the Hudson Valley and the new ADVENTURES. Have a look at our open air trips or schedule your next BACHELOR or BACHELORETTE, BIRTHDAY, COMPANY-OUTING with us.

Hudson Valley Bucket List is a fashion travel agency that offers the ideal opportunity to explore the area. Boutiques, wine cellars, farmhouses, stills, apple wine cellars, some of the best places to visit and the funniest walks through the area. Our trips show why locals like life in Hudson Valley.

Have a look at our trips, which take place every week from spring onwards, and our personal trips to conclude a one-of-a-kind outing. Have a look at our Weekender and Bachelorette Tour for inspiration on how to offer your Hudson Valley visitors a full outing. That'?s the lady behind the Hudson Valley Bucket List.

"I am possessed by the development of the region" when you think you have seen or hear everything that is surprising in the Hudson Valley. It is my pleasure to give the visitors a view of the twentieth centuries and to combine the regional story, the stories of the area and the experience that distinguishes them. The flood of humans stumbling during the days, Beacon has turned into a target.

Beacon was the first place for our hikes and is perfectly. The Beacon is the "Medici effect" of the Hudson Valley on a small Scale. Hudson Valley is a Hudson River-embracing area stretching from Westchester County to Albany County. We concentrate on the Mid-Hudson Valley, the center between NYC and Albany.

North of Hudson are hills, farmhouses, distilleries, wine cellars, wine shops, cottages and beer factories with farmhouses, plantations of apples and small cities. Unparalleled in the area is the biggest open-air arts museum, Saint King, World Point and many historical places, among them the headquarters of Washington. Eastwards of the Hudson there are also the ranches and the handicraft drink booming, but with "Millionaires Series", FDR Estate, Vanderbilt Mansion, and Mill's Mansion, on the Hudson River abounding in former U.S. royalties and the Culinary Institute of America, offering a sight-seeing vibes for a while.

Hudson Valley is the ideal getaway for foreigners and weekend hikers. Tasting sessions and in-depth discussions with peasants, wine growers, cheese-makers and artisans during the presentation of the Hudson Valley's historical and cultural Heritage. Provide your guest with a one-of-a-kind event. To give someone an adventure in the Hudson Valley. It' never ends and is good for any hike or minibus trip, personal or group trip through the area.

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