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Find all kinds of Toronto sightseeing and tour options and information about Niagara Falls day trips. In Toronto and throughout the province of Ontario, we are all lucky enough to experience so much nature and beauty. Just fill up the tank - that's all you need to reach these five day trips from Toronto. You can book the best day trips from Toronto, Canada directly on TripAdvisor and take the stress out of your planning. Day tours are open for registration.

Top 10 day trips from Toronto

Located in the south of Ontario, with cultural, natural and small-town appeal just a few minutes by car from the capital. More than three hour trips to picturesque cities, explore ponds and wildlife, enjoy an adrenalin rush in an entertainment parc, perform at the country's most famous theatre festivals or enjoy the magical Niagara Falls.

Several of the major tourist sites are seasonsal, with theme plazas and sea areas that attract many visitors in the summers, while others, such as Niagara Falls and Blue Mountain, are very attractive all year round and perhaps even in the winters. Most of these are self-drive day trips, while Toronto offers organised trips to some of the most favourite places.

Canada' most popular and wonderful attraction is less than two hours from Toronto by car. Many travellers see Niagara Falls as the climax of their trip to Toronto or even Canada. Today there are many ways to see the thundering waterfalls, from boating to the waterfall bases to sense the fog on your face, to walking behind the waterfalls to take a look at the back of this canyon.

An excursion to Skylon Tower is one of the most beloved option for a bird's perspective of the waterfalls and the area. Niagara Falls are unbeatable as a day outing. Niagara Falls, right on the waterfalls, has long preserved a carnivals ambience that makes it a favourite place for the family.

There are many trips to Niagara falls from Toronto. Normally these trips are paired with a tour of the picturesque village of Niagara-on-the-Lake. A number of routes also provide the opportunity to see the waterfalls illuminated at dusk and either spend the nights or return after nightfall. The Niagara Falls Small-Group Tour from Toronto is one of the most visited itineraries.

A full day excursion with pick up and delivery from Toronto hotel including transport, a hornblower boat ride to the waterfall basis, free lunches, free afternoon to discover the city and the waterfalls, and a stop at Niagara-on-the-Lake on the way back. Self-propelled guests can park their cars at the waterfalls.

You can walk to the city, the waterfalls and many of the various attraction. Situated in the heart of Canada, this is one of the small gems of Southern Ontario. The city is thus a national historical site of Canada. Though very small, Niagara-on-the-Lake is a touristic city with horse-drawn coach trips, souvenirs and touristic stores and a nice road, which is always adorned in the year.

Only 20 min from Niagara Falls and one hours from Toronto, Niagara-on-the-Lake is often attended in connection with an excursion to the waterfalls. Picturesque Niagara Parkway follows the Niagara River from Niagara Falls as far as Niagara-on-the-Lake, on the shore of Lake Ontario, at the estuary of the same. There is a cobbled path next to the Niagara Parkway for most of the way between Niagara Falls und Niagara-on-the-Lake for those who want to move around a bit.

Cycling on the park trail is a favourite sport in the hot season. Most of the way goes down from the waterfalls into the city. Niagara on the Lake is lovely all year round, but has a special appeal in late summer, when the colours of late spring reach their peak and the reddish and golden foliage line the roads and pavements.

The yearly Shaw Festival takes place in the capital from early autumn to late autumn. The Algonquin Provincial Parc is Toronto's popular reserve to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities and experience the outdoors. The fauna is plentiful, with wild animals such as elk, wolf, bear, elk, stag, sea-diver and other small creatures that call the reserve home. The majority of people will see at least some wild animals, especially on walks or canoeing.

The Wolf Doel is one of the most beloved programmes in the reserve and is held on Thursday evenings in August and early September. Scientists take the attendees to cry to the savage lizards that live in the reserve and eavesdrop on the wolf for this one-of-a-kind wildfight. It is a three-hour long meeting that draws virtually a thousand visitors throughout the months.

It is open all year round and offers a number of tourist activities according to the season. Canoeing is available for hire during the summers to discover the water. It can be as easy as a few paddles or a longer journey lasting several days.

There are all types of canoe and kayak camp sites throughout the area. Walking paths around the pond and to highlights with vantage points are also favourite destinations. From the beginning or middle of September to the middle of October the buses run almost non-stop. If you are driving into the Ragged Falls from the western entrance, you should at least take a short look at these bigfalls.

It takes almost threehrs from Toronto to the western gateway of Algonquin Provincial Gardens, the city's most comfortable door. Hwy 60, which leads from northwest through the gardens, is the primary course with many walks and camping sites. In order to get back to Toronto, it is possible to take Hwy 127 southwards to Bancroft and on the way back through Peterborough and on to Toronto.

It is a much longer distance than just a way back through the garden. Blue Mountain is a day excursion just outside Collingwood in almost any season of the year. Approximately 2. 5 hrs north-west of Toronto, this Intrawest Estate is always full of homes and homes for skiing, cycling, hiking and playing in and around the Village of Blue Mountain.

Collingwood, a city on the banks of Georgian Bay, is another summer resort. The vibrant city has its own calendar of activities, among them the very famous Elvis Festival, some good bicycle stores with information about the city' s MTB routes, hiking areas along the water and all types of restaurants.

Eastwards of Collingwood is Wasaga Strand, a small city with a nice and vibrant section of beaches that turns into a real seaside scenery in summertime. The Stratford Festival, one of Ontario's most popular and prestigious arts and culture festivals, is a theatre festival that takes place from May to October with shows in various locations in the city of Stratford.

Located about an hours and a half's car from Toronto in the hilly landscape of Stratford, it' away from the city. Canada's first theme park, Wonderland, is just an hours walk away just northern of Downtown Toronto, with some of Canada's best ride attractions, matches, circus shows and the scent of sweets and carnivals floating through the outdoors.

There is always a lot of tension here, perhaps because this theme area is a summer festival that is only open from early autumn. Gravenhurst is located on the shore of Lake Muskoka in the south of Ontario. The trips take between one and four hrs, according to the itinerary.

Engravenhurst is a characteristic Ontario city, with stores and dining along the old highway. There are a number of footpaths and footpaths in the area for those who love the outdoors, and the Buckwallow Cycling Center is located on the outskirts of the city, with well-developed routes for trekking on foot or by horse.

Engravenhurst is located about two and a half hour from Toronto. On the other side of Gravenhurst on Highway 169 is the small city of Bala, another favourite summer resort in the holiday region, with an icecream parlour, a baker's, some local bars, the Bala Falls and more often a lot of band music. The Marineland in Niagara Falls, about two hour drive from Toronto, is another favourite summer theme area.

The Marineland is open from mid-May to mid-October, with discounted opening times in early and autumn. St. Jacob's is located in a wonderful landscape about two hrs westward of Toronto, near the city of Waterloo, in an area known for its large populations of Mennonites of the ancient order. Just the meal courtyard is definitely a must, with regional specialities and well-known favourite cuisine.

This city is particularly loved by buyers at Christmas. It is a funny excursion, about an hour's driving time in the western part of Toronto, is not a common excursion to the animal shelter. Guests take the car through the gardens at their own peril to see all types of animals, both native and alien.

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