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Wine tasting in the Torne Valley

Reserve your tickets online for Torne Valley Vineyards, Hillburn: The vineyard offers wine tasting, lunch and entertainment with bands. Been to lunch and wine tasting a few weeks ago on a Sunday. The wine tasting left much to be desired. Turne Valley vineyards in the Hudson River region:

Tasting - Review of the Torne Valley Vineyards, Hillburn, NY

Visited Suffern, N.Y., and they proposed Torne Valley for dinner. All the wine is fine and the meal is appropriate. It is a pleasant way to have some free weekends with the music. Beautiful vineyard. So we went to a wine tasting this week-end and remained for dinner.

The wine was fine, but not great. The tasting was very inexpensive and very instructive. It was a good luncheon. Nice vistas in nice surroundings. Enjoy a Saturday luncheon outdoors with livemusic and a wine tasting for a very small amount. We' ve decided to have a seat in the 3 seasons veranda, which was very nice.

We ordered mama' s muffin and slider and I orderedoda. Afterwards, the coffees were poured into a small mug, the sodas into a can. This slider was placed on a drawer with a small jigger and potatoesalad. Were you with the Torne Valley Vineyards?

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All were very courteous of the host, the lady who carried out the wine tasting and the waiters. We' ve got a couple of cans of wine on the way out. They were offering a few selected varieties of wine and we wanted to buy a few of them.

All I could really point out was the negatives of eating. It' always a great adventure.... the wine, the atmosphere, the beautiful surroundings.... we could use a little more variation in the choice of snacks/dinners. It is unbelievable and the wine's owner and co-workers couldn't be more beautiful. I' m going to recommend this vine to every individual I in/around the Hudson Valley.

Nice location, funny wine tasting, tasty wine and meal, great sound and great client services from the TVV-Crew! Pleasant, welcoming personnel and good musicians! Enjoy a visit to the Alice project and wine tasting. Thank you Steve, Debbie, John, Kim and the whole Torne crew for their support of the Floyd Pink Band on Friday even.

An exquisite meal with good wine tasting in a nice old house.

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