Top Attractions in Spain

Spain's top attractions

Explore the best attractions of Spain like Alhambra, Real Alcázar and La Sagrada Família. Guidebook to the top attractions in Spain. With the Alhambra Granada, Amazing Barcelona and the Mesquite Arab Palace in Cordoba. Here is a list that will inspire you to visit Spain. By the way, do you know that the national language is the second most spoken after English?

Twenty places of interest in Spain

We' ll take a look at some of Spain's most important sights..... This splendid Muslim castle on a hillside above Granada is one of Spain's most popular sights for good reasons. His wonderful mosaic, fountain of stone and elaborate details are among the best conserved specimens of Muslim architectural works in the atlas.

You can' t depart Madrid without rediscovering its wealth of art treasures, from the masterpieces of the Prado and Picasso's Guernica in the Reina Sofía to the ecclectic Thyssen-Bornemisza series. Since opening in 1997, Frank Gehry's concept for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao has quickly become a major icon of its time.

Nowhere is Spain more beautifully situated than in the Rioja area. It is the perfect place to rediscover Spain wines, visit some vines and enjoy the wonderful countryside. The Mezquita of Córdoba, today the Cathédrale, is an outstanding example of the size and complexity of Muslim Islam and the Muslim influences in the south of Spain.

This is the biggest of its kind in the whole wide range of history and has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1987, together with the Alcázar Palazzo in Seville, initially constructed by the town' s Muslim masters. Known as one of the best Mudejar architectural masterpieces in Spain, the Alcázar is still used today by the King's household as a basis, making it the oldest king's residence in Europe.

In Valencia, a dry riverbed was revived by Valencia based architects Santiago Calatrava when he constructed the City of Arts and Sciences, a culture and amusement centre with a number of vaulted glazed structures that house a planetaryarium, a scientific research centre and an open-air tank, which is the biggest in Europe.

Launched as a king's gardens, the renowned Madrid Gardens were opened to the general public at the end of the nineteenth centuary. It is a great place for a picnic, sports or just to escape the hustle and bustle of cityscape.

Western Europe's biggest palace is a great example of modern architectural style and unlike other buildings in Europe it is not sheltered by a giant door; you can go up directly. Today it is used only by the King's household for state events (they reside in the more humble Zarzuela Palace on the edge of Madrid), but it is open to the general population.

The" shell", called after its form, is one of the most attractive Spain's sands. The masterpiece of the art of Roman civilisation spreads across the town of Segovia, which is also home to the magic Alcázar, built in the twelfth cent. Spain's highest point, this Canary Islands vulcano, is part of a more Mars-like scenery than Spain.

As part of the Teide National Park, the whole area is wonderful and perfect for walking. Situated high up on a hillside above the Tagus, the town is a breathtaking view. The twisty, narrower streets, the Hebrew district, the Romanesque church and the Muslim architecture are intriguing to discover. Relaxed Menorca, family-friendly Mallorca or hedonistic Ibiza, the Spanish Balearic Islands are a favourite vacation spot for all age groups.

This Andalucian city's old city is divided from the city by a vast ravine crossed by a viaduct, which is one of the most frequently seen buildings in Spain. The powerful Pyrenees, which separate Spain from the remainder of Europe, extend almost 500 kilometers from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean Sea.

It is a great place for walks and other sports and is one of the most wonderful nature treasures in Spain. Salamanca's Plaza Mayor, one of the most attractive places in Spain, is, like many other monuments in the town, built of siltstone. This is a good example of the town' s modern architectural style and a favourite place to meet, surrounded by cafés and bars.

The Tabernas desert, in south-east Spain, does not even touch like Spain.

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