Top Attractions in Italy

Attractions in Italy

Colosseum is a must for every visitor to Italy. Leaning Tower of Pisa is famous for its mistake. A land of wonderful culture, cuisine, fashion and of course nature. Italia, one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in Europe, indeed in the world. You can find here only some of the many attractions.

Italy's top attractions - explore the national route

Italia is a place that is varied in every respect. When you arrive, you will be welcomed by the kind Italians who want to show you their beauty. Italy has a long tradition and an interesting cultural heritage. Overlook everything you have ever seen or hear about Italy until you come to it, because your stay in this historic land will far exceed your expectation.

Italia is a land you never get tired of and every area has something different to offer. A trip to Italy and trying to see everything will get you going. It is possible to see the old ruined Romans, which will take you back to Tuscany millennia ago, or you can drive along the curvy highways.

In order to really get the most out of your stay in Italy, you have to be traveling with a native Italians. It' the only way to get to know the true Italy. As everywhere in the formidable touristic trap network, there are a number of trap sites that can take you in the opposite directions or offer you an adventure that will disappoint you.

Countryside tour through the sight of an Italians - how else do you know where the best Alfredo is best or what to take when you go to Venice? Colosseum is a must for every visitor to Italy. Icon of Venice Canal.

Journey to Venice and sail on the channels as you have done for hundreds of years. Venice's cable car is a must and you will see the romance of the city. Amalfi Coast in Italy is a World Heritage Site. The Basilica of St Mark in Venice is situated on Venice's most popular square, St Mark's Square.

Indulge in an genuine dinner in a typical family house. Discover the true Italian diet. Journey through the sight of a native. Take the ultimative route in Italy. Learning from the natives and their culture. Do you have a gift for the cuisine, do you like your surroundings and want to show it off?

Go beyond the boundaries of your guide and enjoy something truly unforgettable and special by eating, discovering and exploring with one of our team. The entrance to this well-preserved section of the city' s past is 12 euros, and the Venice Channel has a number of men who invite you to a long cordial journey along the complicated canals.

It is a must to take a cable car and as you drive through the town you will be impressed by the architectural style, which is a tasty fusion: The Pompeii ruins are a must and probably the most captivating and interesting archeological adventure you will ever have.

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