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All the assessments we receive are of the highest quality and faster than any other assessment society we have dealt with! AMC Listings (Appraisal Management Company Listings). Reviewers can search the AMC list and AMCs can add their listing for free. The appraisal management companies are only as good as the appraisers they work with. AMCs are the best to carefully manage these important relationships.


AMC was established on the basis that an AMC can provide visibility between lenders and reviewers and promote a mutually beneficial business processes. Our team has developed an infra-structure that ensures that all state and state regulations are observed and that the experts are independent.

We run a national committee of state-approved experts and strive to guarantee the highest level of expertise management in the sector. As a rule, our valuers are located within 8 mile from the property, which means that we maintain our expertise locally while at the same time ensuring country-wide cover. If you have more than 1,000 reviewers and are interested in participating in our panels, click here.

Creating added value for our business partner through innovation that improves the assessment processes. Founded in 1993, Dart is proud to be celebrating 25 years as Appraisal Management Co. We have a strong corporate identity and our key assets are our commitment to providing our customers with the highest level of client care.

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The Appraisal Management Firm Review is unexpectedly difficult to get. Google's fast searching provides reviewers' blog, review boards, and staff ratings from Appraisal Management. However, there is no firm or website that deals with AMC' s client ratings. We cannot give you ratings from other companies, but we can tell you what our clients and business associates have said about working with us.

It'?s first-class. It is appreciated that I have immediate entry to the group that is placing the orders and I know that you are all pressing for the report to be returned on time. I have been put on standby on several occasion when I have asked for the appraisal and your staff have tried to get in touch with the expert and give me an immediate response.

You can find more ratings on our testimonials page.

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