Time Recorder Online

Online time recording

Additional options are displayed, see "Online Help" on this screen. User can submit their time sheets in large quantities via Excel or simply track their time online. Maybe ronin is the timer app for you. This is the easiest way to record, manage and report employee time. Recording time has never been easier.

Free-of-charge online time switch & personnel deployment planning

Mr President, I wanted to thank you for making such a sturdy and reliable time recording system available. It is a recommendation to all small businesses. It used to be a laborious and laborious procedure for a small shopkeeper to keep an eye on personnel planning and accounting. This is a must for every small company and every individual who wants to have complete time management at their fingertips.

I like this utility and it makes time tracking so much simpler for our HR customers (we are accountants).

Android App time recording

One of the most frequently accessed and highest ranked applications on Play Store. You can set "Auto-Backup every x days" to a meaningful value. Back-up files are small in number, so the "1" option is OK unless you have a very restricted tariff. Refer to Menu / Settings, section "Backup & Restore".

a) See "Menu / Settings". Notice that" Settings" has four pages, click on the tab above. Where can I find out how to enter the last few day? - Or make a "long click" on the time cells. Additional items are displayed, see "Online Help" on this display. - The" Delta" columns show the time above or below the" Targeted time".

The desired time is configurated on page 3 of the presettings, either every day, every week or every month. Example: If your day destination is 8 hrs, the display shows"-2" for 6 hrs working time and "+1" for 9 hrs working time. Is it possible to follow several orders? To do this, you have to define your "tasks" and allocate your lessons accordingly.

In order to set your own assignments, go to "Edit Tasks" on page 3 or click on the "Edit" symbol in the upper right hand side of the " Change assignment " area. Notice that you can allocate separate time sheets to each assignment - move the "Edit Tasks" window to the right. What are the delta and finish times to keep an eye on my time?

10, the application has two additional numerical boxes ("Value1" and "Value2") on each workspace. These boxes are disabled by the standard, see Menu / Settings / Page 2, Section "Input boxes" Can I use the same job with different Client? Assigning a mandate to a work entity?

This application is built on a rigorous hierarchical structure "Work unity => taskbar => client". It is not possible to directly associate a single agent with one work center or use the same job with different agents. workaround: You need to build a new job for each and every combined application (and yes, we know that this is a big limitation for some people and can result in a big schedule of jobs, but we don't anticipate that this will soon be changed in the application).

As an alternative, if you want to keep an eye on many short-lived mandators or jobs in the application, you should consider using work note instead of assigning clients/tasks - work note is a free text box, but can be filtrated and displayed on the "Reports" page similar to mandators and work. Is it possible to have the same records added to several consecutive day at the same time?

  • With " Comments for several days" you can add a specific daily memo to a date area. - With " Copy days" you can copy the items of a certain date or interval to a destination date. Repeat this if you want to copy the same date to several other dates.

There is no "swipe" feature to mirror the day, week or month. What can I do to change between AM/PM, 24 hrs and comma time? Refer to Menu / Settings, page 4 "Date & Time" Use "Time format" to change between AM PM, 24 hrs and December time. Note: "Military time" corresponds to "24 hours" Note: "Decimal" indicates the number of min. on "per 100" basis.

Honourable Members: 45 min = 75 decimals, 08:30 a. m. Standard time = 08. Fifty decimals. Refer to Menu / Settings, page 4 "Date & Time" What does the "Pro" edition offer? Must I multiply purchase "Pro"? Is it possible to synchronize my information across different units? Allows you to instantiate and run more than one instance of the application in a single step.

Timesheets can be integrated as a plug-in in "Tasker" or "Locale", where you can set "Punch" operations on the basis of GPS / WiFi / Cell Network status or event-controll. Notice that the directory contains both the application backups and report data.

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